Moving Furniture onto Itself

In develop 3116, if you order a furniture item with the “move” button and tell it to be placed exactly where it already is, then a glitch will occur. The ghost of the item will appear to be off by 1 tile and the hearthling will attempt to place the item in the location appropriate to that tile, but when the item is placed down, it jumps back to where it really is.


I guess it falls down due to the gravity. Ghosts will be placed on top of solid things, but if you’re moving it exactly where it was… I think that might be expected behavior (unless your goal was to place floating items) :confused:

For me the ghosts have always moved to the side, not up.

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Yeah, the ghosts are moving one tile along the Z axis, not the Y axis. I can’t be more specific than that, because sometimes they move in the + direction and sometimes the -.

The reason I see it as a glitch is because of inconsistency. The cursor lets you click on a place directly inside of where the item already is, so the ghost and the item should be placed where you clicked. Alternatively, if its intended that the placement position be pushed away from the center of the item, then both the ghost and the item should place in the same new spot.


Now that you mention it, I recall having seen that.