Furniture placement (Alpha 14)

When placing furniture(or moving furniture) Can there be an option to move them again while they are in ghost form? Because i missclick a couple of times :smiley:

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normally, at least in certain cases… in my own experience, you could select the original and place again, then should adjust automatically the ghost to reflect the changes made.

But you would have to know where the original object is that you are trying to move. Cause technically you can do multiple times, although more often than not should auto-adjust the ghost accordingly, it does bug out on occasion; very rarely for myself. Usually when it does bug out there are way many things going on, so in a way makes sense.

Reason I normally do the moving part in paused mode. That is if I am remembering correctly.

Although I would mind one being on the ghost image as well, just unsure if feasible. So I like the suggestion for readjusting the ghost when tiny mistakes are made.

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