Movie Characters that get on your nerves

Sometimes I’m watching a movie and there’s a character who just gets on my nerves, eventhough that character isn’t even meant to.
You know the kind where you just can’t bring yourself not to say “Omg, will you just die already!?”

What’s the worst movie characters you’ve seen that get on your nerves and why?

An example, in my case, would be Carmen from Starship Troopers. She just rubs me the wrong way, I was really hoping she would die a horrible death by bug, but nooo the hero obviously has to save her… and in the end she serves us a oneliner about friendship (“i believe when we are together when can accomplish anything” (or something like that)) althought she’s been less of a friend to them than the bugs in the movie.

There’s no offtopic category, so I’m putting this in general :cat:

Whats wrong with Carmen? At least the other annoying girl got murderized horribly snuggled by a bug.

The sniveling rat/turncoat. “He used to work with us/fight with us/be our friend, then he backstabbed us!” And they always seem to be nervous, terrified little suck ups. Or conversely, the person’s an arrogant, snooty lout. Occasionally with a fancy mustache or beard, as seen in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and The Italian Job.

I’d like filmmakers to at least TRY to avoid the stereotyped extremes and make this conflicted individual more than just a pitiful laughingstock or a pompous face to hate.

The person in Horror movies who thinks its a good idea to split up.


Leonardo Di Caprio… as anything

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Darn it, Fred Jones!

And somehow, Scooby and Shaggy always find the kitchen…

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That bald guy. What’s his name… he’s in the Fast and Furious movies. He’s a freaking awful actor. Along with Nicholas Cage.

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Who is Vin Diesal? He plays Dom in Fast and Furious

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Between the two, the annoying girl was still better. When Riko asked her if they could be friends, she agreed and did her best to help him out imo. She started out as a bit annoying but i think she changed a lot during the movie.

Carmen was just a bad character imo… eg she breaks up with Riko after finding out the other guy she’s been flirting with is on the same spaceship as her.

And when Riko and her meet up again later on, she says something like: “Why aren’t you happy to see me?” and serves an excuse about them being at war and that’s why it could not work (eventhough she broke up with him weeks before the actual war started)

I also hate that she’s always grinning like an idiot ("I’m breaking up with you :smile: but write me a letter :smile: )

I would also not care a bit if Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter franchise died in a horrible potion accident… he was utterly useless in the series, only good for being the jealous “friend”…

Seriously, the only useful thing he did was win that chess game in the first book/movie and I’m sure Hermione Granger could have won that game or blasted through the statues.

Ron Weasley Usefulness in the movies:
1: Won a chess game :heavy_check_mark:
2: His sister got possessed :heavy_check_mark:
3: His rat was a dude :heavy_check_mark:
4: Was the mermaid prisonner :heavy_check_mark:
5: His father was bitten by a snake :heavy_check_mark:
6: Played quidditch :heavy_check_mark:
7: Helped Harry Potter out of a water pond :heavy_check_mark:

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Both of you leave. Close the door on the way out.


But he’s baaaaaaaald and hypermasculine panzy, daaaaaaad!

But he’s awesome!

I don’t go into a Vin Diesel film expecting stellar acting, but I do expect stellar action! Plus I do love the Riddick films.

I expect him to mutter, have a smoker’s voice, and have one too many slow-mo scenes, along with too much self-idolization.

And that is what makes him fantastic!

This isn’t actually always up to him, the directer and editor make a lot of those decisions

oh, sure… riiiiight… im sure he’s just itching for a role portraying one of Shakespeare’s finest… :smile:

It’s a little unfair to say an actor does a bad job when a lot of what happens in the movies he’s in are basically required for the genre of film. Have you ever seen a racing movie without a slow-mo scene?

Have you ever seen a bald guy who is Vin Diesel?

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Wait… What?


oh, im just poking fun at Mr. Diesel… granted, he’s not due any Oscar nominations anytime soon, but he is a worthy action movie star…

the next Riddick looks promising… there, am i now in your and @Geoffers747’s good graces? :smile:

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