Please vote team NERD (short film competition, I need YOUR votes!)

Hey guys! :smiley:
It’s been a while since I last posted something on the discourse but I’ve been fairly busy lately with a lot of course stuff, including a 48 hour film challenge. We had to include a bike and the film had to be an urban adventure titled indigo thunder. Each team has been given the task to go out and promote their film as much as possible so, in the hope of racking up the votes, I’ll post the link here and beg ;).

poll: Click here for the poll and vote team NERD!!!
Film: Click here to watch the film… VOTE TEAM NERD!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Jimbob767

Edit: let me know if you can vote on the current poll link!


Great video @Jimbob767 the cinematography was great, and the acting was good as well. My only critique would be a more legible “note” Obviously you had a quick deadline, i’m impressed you could pull that together in that short amount of time. Editing must of been a beast :wink:

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Thanks for the great feedback, we won in the end :smiley:


No problem, well deserved.

i’m glad to hear that.

Out of curiosity, a) Which city was that filmed in, b) do you like/make a lot of movies?

Hey Turtle Squish, not been very active lately… sorry for the incredibly slow reply :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah I love films. I’m doing a film degree so I make a short film every now and then and I want to get into it for a career (hopefully) ;). Inidigo Thunder was filmed in and around Southampton UK.


Cool, I would love to hear/ see more of your work. And good luck with the career :smiley:

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