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Hey guys, I just launched a personal review blog with a friend, being a film student this stuff looks good on your personal statement. The site isn’t quite searchable by google yet so you can only find it easily by clicking a copied link but I’m trying to figure that out. So far there’s a few films on there and it will grow over time. :smile:

Just thought I’d share it with you guys, any constructive criticism is welcomed.

EDIT: If anyone knows how to make a site easily searchable I would like to know :smile:

Reviews will be coming at least once every Thursday with more being uploaded if we have time. Keep your eye out for Fox Catcher and Unbroken this Thursday!
Film review site (Click me)


What you have so far looks good. The one thing that you might want to adjust is the font that you use in the top left box.

It gets a little pixelated and loses the look that it has when used as the main title.

The issue of making it searchable it’s really an easy or quick fix. The concept is called search engine optimization, or SEO, and is quite sought after by web developers.

The good news is that you already have some meta data in the site that will help, though you might want to try to expand this a little more if you can.

<meta name="keywords" content="Film reviews, TNC, The Nerd Creations, cinema, film, nerd creations"/>

Also when looking at the code, they provided you a section and hints on how to help with SEO in relation to Google.

Important Note About This Website's SEO

Find the SEO content of this site's homepage via
(That is where search engines like Google go to read your homepage's content.)

To view the SEO content of your internal pages, such as "About", go here:
(That is where search engines like Google go to read the content on your internal pages.)

For more information about Ajax Crawling technology, read Google's explanation here:

It might also help to seed your reviews with other common words that you wish the engines to pick up on.

You could use something like:

  • This review brought to you by The Nerd Creations
  • Author Name, film critic and staff writer at The Nerd Creations

Also I would make sure to signup for Google Analytics and embed their code into your site if you have that option. It will allow you to track how people are getting to the site, what they are searching for to find it, what other sites they might be using to link to yours.

In doing a Google search for “The Nerd Creations”, both your Facebook and Twitter feeds are ranked quite high, and also your logo is one of the first in the image list.

With some research and a little bit of work, I am sure that you should be able to get this site listed higher within this specific search. You’ll have a hard time with the more generic searches like “Film Reviews” based on the amount of content already on the web.

Hope this helps… I am not a SEO expert by any means, I just do some WordPress site development.


Thanks a lot, this was extremely helpful!l :smiley:

I attempted to add the code to every page with that vinisible box to the right of the page… not to sure if it worked because Wix dosen’t support HTML by default so I had to use an app to add it to my site.

Also added “Review brought to you by TNC reviews” to the end of every post.

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I guess it depends on how Wix is setup. On a site like Wordpress or Joomla, there is a master page that loads all other content pages. Most of the time WP has a single area for adding a footer code in the template which it appends to every page.

I just found these two links which may be helpful for adding the GA code into Wix.
Adding GA to Wix Account.
Adding GA to Wix site.

I hope this helps you out. It may take a few days for the analytics to start being gathered. You’ll see in the GA dashboard when it is ready, and I think they provide a link to check the site to see if the code is installed.

Best of luck.

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Added an unbroken Review to page. Has anyone else seen this yet?

EDIT: added fox catcher