Movie Clichés that get on your nerves

What are the most annoying clichés/stereotypes you see in movies?

Can be anything from… the leet hacker who types random gibberish on a keyboard and hacks into a system in 10 seconds top… to the amateurish hero who kills hundreds of enemies with his gun, while the bad (trained?) guys can’t hit jack.

edit: here’s an example for the hacker dude. It’s from the movie “unthinkable”, so don’t watch if you don’t want spoiling (not much spoiler here I believe, but better be safe) Unthinkable - How to defuse a nuclear bomb pause the video at 6 seconds :smiley:

Wow, it was literally “jkkjfehanggenanfd//;jeljl74…fjesl[efsagdskal…dfjklas”

Have you noticed that movies go exactly the same as other movies, for example every movie starts out good like the good guys are succeeding then something bad happens and then they sort it out then its going good for the good guys again then the movie ends. Fight scenes are guilty of this as well

@Newf Look up Todorov’s narrative theory, it’s no fun to watch if there’s no break in equilibrium, or if it’s just retarded amounts of good things happen and then bad things happen. The only time I think it’s okay to break the idea is if the movie starts or ends on a low.

One thing that annoys me is the constant slow-mo explosions which takes up the majoirty of a film. Oh, and if you’ve ever watched an anime (I know, off topic) or some other cartoons, it annoys me when characters wink. Like for 1-2 seconds frame of a character winking and even saying ‘yeahhhh’.

The fact that good guys never win.

They never do in real life.

Confusing “action” for “plot.” I’d like a little more depth put into the world your main protagonist is blowing the living daylights out of. Goes along with @bluetiger6001’s point on explosions, but a little broader I suppose.

Also (going along with my choice for video game peeves), sequel chains. Paranormal Activity, Final Destination, Saw, and Ice Age movies for a few examples (figured I’d go for a lighter choice to end that list!).

  1. Hazard stops in front of the Hero cliche
  2. Immunity Cliche - this one is big with me, every time i watch a zombie movie 90% of the people are able to be infected but in the 10% of people who can’t be HAPPENS to be one of those guys who are destined for greatness. I think it’s stupid, it takes away the sense of experience. Frankly I’d rather watch something where the hero is terrified of infection and still survive.
  3. Aliens are Allergic to Earth Cliche - A surprising amount of Alien movies have this. The one thing that can stop an alien invasion happens to be on Earth and it happens to be everywhere. It bugs me.
  4. Aruging about Car safety before Accident cliche
  5. “I wish I had that” Cliche - When a hero sees something and thinks “I wish I had that”
  6. “Talking to the person behind you. but you assume I’m talking to you” cliche- You know when people are talking rudely between the hero and he mistakes who they are talking too. yeah. that.
  7. 'Important Plot point realized by reading something" Cliche

Just a heads up I have like 40 more of those but I’ll leave it at that.

  • the “hacker guy” always being of the gangling nerdish variety…

  • said hacker guy having the ability to “zoom in” and “clean up” horribly pixelated images to find a clue that leads to the bad guy


But it’s clearly needed! Why would they ever want to track the bad guy by their phones signal/gps when they can find their route by zooming in on a cars number plate from an ATM camera only to get a single frame of it because someone was using the ATM. (I’ve actually seen that be used in a TV Show)

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Yeah, all you need to defuse a bomb is excel or equivalent… in that movie bit, the rest of the scene sounds kind of comical at that point “its done” (takes a cool pose) " the bombs been defused by my leet hexor skills" … lol

Not exactly what you meant maybe, but the good cop who’s suspended from the police force because he did the right thing… that’s used so often… and obviously he doesn’t go home to his family (who was killed in a flashback usually) but goes up against the drug dealers or whatever on his own and succeeds yadda yadda…

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: What about the fact that 99% of the swordfights end up with the hero and bad guy throwing a last attack and then standing back to back for 30seconds before the bad guy falls down (usually preceeded by the good guy doing sth like loosing blood, to make us believe he lost). I don’t remember if it’s used much in movies, but in the predator movie I remember it being used with that yakuza guy.

Yeah that’s true, used way to much. And if they are not allergic, we find something like a virus that kills them all or weekens them so we can kill them (indepedence day).
Also something related to aliens that gets on my nerves a lot is that usually there’s that secret government agency (unofficial) who’s just there to dissect aliens… seriously if aliens come to earth the last thing we primitive humans should do is dissect one of them… (eg the day the earth stood still)

what about the intelligent people always having glasses…
and the nerdy girl nobody cares about who takes out her glasses and suddenly her hair goes down and she’s a beauty and obviously nobody would have guessed she’s a beauty behind those glasses :sweat:

What about the fact that usually the good guy finds the bomb when there is less than 1 min remaining and defuses it when there is less than 5secs (usually 2secs) by cutting one out of two different colored wires…

Contrived endings. “Oh god… I don’t have much time left… OH BUT LOOK ITS AN ANTI-DEATH SYRUM RIGHT THERE ON THAT SHELF!”

When someone literally says they are pausing for dramatic effect. It bugs the crap out of me. I get it’s supposed to be a joke, but it’s just stupid

are you talking about yourself?

I’m gonna leave this here for you people to enjoy, remembered watching it some weeks/months ago (there’s english captions you can turn on for you non-french-speaking people) : movies vs real life

No way, I have the sharpest eyes ever. Eagles are jealous of my superb eyes.

When they end the film by driving off into the horizon.
It basically follows the motto: “And now we know what to do. Screw you guys, I’m going home.”

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When they make everything frantic. The hero not having much time, for stupid and forced reasons. Or he actually does and just for some reason says “We don’t have much time” :expressionless:

Oh and when the bad guys could win but choose to gloat and procrastinate. JUST DO IT. It winds me up immensely. “Maybe it’s because the spark of good in them held them bac-” oh, just get lost. :angry:

On a similar note, when the bad guys share their ENTIRE plan with the hero before failing to kill them. Why?! Who would do that?!


In fairness I prefer to gloat for a while before torturing my victims


Because that’s the most sane thing ever said on this forum. xD


To be fair, in a list of top 50 weirdest/slightly crazy posts on this forum, I think it would only scrape in 10th or so. I think a thread would be appearing with that if school didn’t start tomorrow. :crying_cat_face:

In the movie “incredibles” they call that monologuing :laughing: :

Lucius: [Bob and Lucius are sitting in a parked car, reminiscing] So
now I’m in deep trouble. I mean, one more jolt of this death ray and
I’m an epitaph. Somehow I manage to find cover and what does Baron von
Ruthless do?

Bob: [laughing] He starts monologuing.

Lucius: He starts monologuing! He starts like, this prepared speech
about how feeble I am compared to him, how inevitable my defeat
is, how the world will soon be his, yadda yadda yadda.

Bob: Yammering.

Lucius: Yammering! I mean, the guy has me on a platter and he won’t
shut up!