Movebutton hidden by inventory of crates

Workaround: Move crates by using the “Z”-key meanwhile


Well, this appears to be caused by the mod you’re using, so it’s not really something they can fix, unless they decide to have the frame be moved forward in the UI layers.

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time to update [Mod] Better Storage v1.0 [A22+] to have a scroll-bar @Shinsaka

I would suggest keeping the default window size so that its never an issue again, just remember the last place you scrolled to if possible or allow it to be resized and remember the new size


Does people really use all those filters?
I used it only to separate cooking ingredients and animal feed. I don’t need all the fine tuning. My ores are always mixed together and metal bars too.

I guess removing two category lines there is enough to fit the screen again.
For me, the whole animal feed category could be a single item in the food category. And the same for the ingredients category. As long as they are different items instead of a single item like in the default, it is useful for me.

yes in fact I don’t think there are enough categories.

I want food to also be separated by raw and cooked
I would really like it if fibers wool and pelts are together, and thread cloth and leather were together in their own categories.
then move the gears to a new category with traps

there are also some filters completely missing from this list that I would like to have that further break down the existing icons into sub groups. like a filter for windows, seating / beds, tables, rugs / tapestry, and storage

maybe also move fences to their own category with decorative plants and objects not related to other building categories. since fences are not used in the building editor it makes no sense they are in the same category as building stuff

you know, so i can put my small crates in bigger crates. because.
or pull a Doctor Who and put the big crates in the small ones. :crazy_face:

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Ouch - i use Better Stockpiles since i bought the game - my fault.

@BrunoSupremo: yes, i do use more filters. Like specific ore near a vein. Eggs near my Shepard, fur and meat near a trapper…

@Shinsaka: resources and ore could be one line, food and animal food also. That schould provide enough space. (thanks for the mod by the way :wink: )


Thanks for reporting this issue, @Draalo (and for using my mod ^^) ! They changed the UI in Alpha 23, I have to go back to a smaller height. Alas Stonehearth windows can’t be resized ingame yet.

I’m working on a big update of my mod, and I was thinking about removing the detailed ores and metal bars, I don’t even use these filters myself.


Actually I use the metal bar selection when setting up my engineer’s workshop. :slight_smile: It is useful to keep the smith putting the constantly used tin and bronze and iron bars in nearby chests.