[A16r559x64] Crate ghost ui interference

Place two crates.
Now order crate 1 to be picked up and put back down facing the opposite direction of where it was.
Now change move order to place crate 1 somewhere else before the order to turn crate 1 around is completed.
After crate 1 is somewhere else, there is now a ghost of crate 1 in its original location.
(this sounds like the beginning of an old spice commercial :open_mouth: :joy:)

If you then move crate 2 to that original location for crate 1, the move and un-deploy buttons will not appear on crate 2 due to this ghost crate 1 interference and you cannot see the contents of crate 2.

The fix for the first part of this bug is to move crate 1 one more time to another location, yet again, and the ghost of crate 1 dies. Then you can put crate 1 back at the original spot you placed crate 1, before you decided to turn it around.

The fix for crate 2 not being able to see the buttons or contents is to open up the build and design menu and the ghost crate 1 interference is fixed.

Its my understanding that you can only give an object a single move order, yet this allows me to give crate 1 two move orders.

The legend of the ghost crate, short but also slightly annoying :expressionless::unamused: