Mountain Dam - Xeros

I watched some videos of water physics in the game and read some things about what might be implemented in the game in the future and it sparked some imagination for me so I built a dam… in the desert. :slight_smile: Once water is implemented I will definitely be incorporating it into this build. In my save game it also functions as a gate into my base inside the mountain.

Just a screenshot of my build. I incorporated Sci-Fi elements with huge portal-like arches.

It fills up a natural dip in the desert.

Here is the opening out of the dam where the water flows out underneath the bridge.

The first screenshot, at night this time.

This is the walkway through the “portals” into the mountain.

Here is the seed and location if anyone is curious.
The “U” shape of the mountain made it perfect for a build like this.

I hope you like it!


One thing I forgot to mention, I moved the Acacia Trees there by using console commands. I didn’t want to grow them because they would become too large and block the view of the build.

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its look absolutely amazing. hopefully we can see it with water soon.

keep up the great work :jubilant:

That looks great! The curved shape works really well. Can’t wait for water.

That is smart, why haven’t I thought of that haha.

@GamesPlayers123 @Samrik Thank you.
And same. Waaaaaater. :smiley:

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