More Support Isn't Always Better

As in a couple of the previous Alphas, it seems as if workers are building an extra layer of scaffolding over the already existing, and complete, frame when the roof is being constructed on a building.

As you can see, there is already the normal set of scaffolding covering the walls, like there always is. But, as work on the roof is starting, the workers seem to find a need to build an extra layer of scaffolding. At this point, there are usually some hearthlings that decide to build more scaffolding and some that decide to finish the roof like normal.

Sometimes, fortunately, the roof is finished before I run out of wood, but other times, I have to cut down a few more trees because the workers decide more scaffolding is more important. Then, they tear it all down and I end up with a surplus for my next building - which isn’t bad, until they do the whole thing over again and more trees are unnecessarily cut down to be used for unimportant scaffolding.

As one might infer, this is a bit annoying as I end up running out of wood before the roof is finished, and/or it takes a whole lot more time to build things. This never happened before Alpha 15 or 16, I believe whichever one was the first round of construction updates, but I don’t think it was as far back as Alpha 14.

Are you by chance extending the roof? to it overhangs more?

i think if the roof overhangs the building by a certain amount it requires another set of scaffolding to reach that overhang

No, the overhang is normal - one block on all sides.

One thing I should’ve added is that it doesn’t happen for me with Rayya’s Children, as far as I remember. Which I should, because I just had a very long and successful playthrough with them in Alpha 16.

i too have seen them place double scaffolting for the same thing. Did your first layer stop half way with the second layer going to the top?

Second layer scaffolding is usually built for any roof that has non-zero overhang. I percieve it as a downside of the current scaffolding algorithm - I guess it makes sure the workers have access to the hanging parts by adding more supports.
That’s also why Rayyans have no such issues - their roof has no overhang by default.
If the roof is completed before this scaffolding is built, however, the code recognizes this and starts removing the scaffolding, never completing the second layer.
That’s my guess.

No, as you can see in the picture the first set of scaffolding is completed.

@MelOzone, Did they change the way scaffolding is set when they did the first round of building updates? Because I remember it worked just fine before, even when we had the option of overhangs - they wouldn’t build the dual scaffolding with an overhang, they wouldn’t need to, because they could access the roof with ladders, which is how they did it before.

No idea. I haven’t played much since Alpha 15. So my post describes it as it was then.