More intelligent mining

Workers who mine are kinda stupid.

  1. If I build a mine tunnel (4x4x4) it is too deep for the workers to came out. So they got stuck. Now I have two options:
    a. Build a ladder (this can only be done by someone outside the pit as the miners won’t have any wood on hand.)
    b. I can use the “Mine Block” option to build stairs. BUT: This also won’t work if there is nobody outside the pit as the topmost blocks are not reachable from inside the pit. Or in other words: Miners can’t mine blocks above them…
  2. If there is only 1 block layer and nothing below the miners fall down occasionally.
  3. Sometimes miners stop working even if there are reachable blocks. They only proceed if other areas are defined to mine that are adjacent and so they reach the previous blocks from another position.


  1. This means that the “Mine Tunnel” option is kinda flawed. In the case that everyone mines there, the game is over. You can’t get out of the pit. This is also a general problem with mining. I have no special suggestion but it has to be changed. Maybe they can build a ladder from stones that they find down there and are clever enough to build it on their own if they want to leave the pit. Or they build a stair into an adjacent wall by mining blocks. It should be possible that miners can dig blocks above them in any case! In minecraft this is possible and necessary. Otherwise you will never see the sun again. :smiley:
  2. I would suggest that they at least mine the whole layer before falling or avoid falling at all if possible (e.g. mine every tile but leave a path to the ground which should not be mined or has layers below).
  3. I guess this is a bug. But I can’t reproduce it in all cases. But one simple case I can provide:
    a. Build a stair in the ground by creating 4 mining layers with the “Mine Block” tool. First layer with a width of 4, second layer with width 3, third 2 and fourth 1.
    b. In my case they always mine the topmost layer but don’t proceed with the other layers. But they are of course reachable.
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This and I would like to see improvements in mining upwards. Like hearthlings using scaffolding to reach blocks above them.

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I would love to have a “mine steps up” option like in gnomoria :smiley:
Most of the time I begin with mining steps down before I mine out an bigger area … :slight_smile:

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