Ideas for never being stuck in a mine

I guess by now we’ve all had the situation where many of our hearthlings zealously dig in the earth and then get stuck. Here’s 3 ideas how to solve it, let me know how you feel about them!

  1. Add a recipe for stone ladders. You will always have some spare stone around, so you’ll be out in no-time.

Pro: VERY easy to implement.
Con: stone ladders do not exist in reality.

  1. Add a recipe for stone stairs.

Pro: a realistic solution.
Con: more designing and coding needed.

  1. Digging stairs out of a 4x4x4 block as an alternative to digging out the whole block.

Pro: requires no building materials and would allow very pretty landscaping too
Con: would be very hard to implement, but I had to mention it anyway. :wink:


I :heart: number 3.

For number 1, as opposed to stone ladders, I have a mental image of hand- and foot- holds carved into the wall.

  1. Bosun’s chairs and minecarts

Sounds good too, coasterspaul. Maybe, to make it a real recipe, you could have stone parts stick out of the wall which help you climb up. A bit primitive, but hey. :wink:

I would like wood ladders to be automatically built/extended as the Hearthlings dig down


I remember bringing this up somewhere a while back… An alternative to stairs or ladders would be the ability to chisel a ladder into the wall, i.e. dig out rungs into the cliff:


For idea 1 and 2 it still wouldn’t help. You would need a workshop down in the mines, something that I can’t imagine you would happen to have while digging down. Of course you could add that the workers themselves could craft it by themselves, maybe through the crafting menu, and hence why idea 3 is the only option.

But great ideas, and I agree something needs to be implemented to save our poor little settlers from being in the dark!

No, they could just make stone ladders the same way they make regular wooden ladders. Just go in the build menu and order a stone ladder on the side of the pit and they just craft it right there on the spot using Hunks 'o Stone. They will in all likelyhood have atleast some of those lying around at the bottom of the pit once they’re done mining. If not, have them mine some more into the side to get some. No need for any workshops.

Although I think the best, and most elegant option is to just implement something similar to the scaffold system into mining. As they dig down, have them automatically place ladders on the side of the pit as they progress, just like they do with scaffolds when making a building. Make sure they do not start a lower level before the ladder is extended to the level they are currently at.

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