Monuments (stream comment)

I was watching stream 178 where Allie was sketching Little Monuments and I was thinking that another way to make monuments could be to craft pieces of an ornate pillar. Now that I think of it, since the pillar wouldn’t be round anyway, to fit the style, we could just call it big ornate building blocks.
Some blocks could just be for decoration, but others are unlocked when your city reach certain mile stone or you complete a major story arc. The once you unlock should be designed to remind you of that event. You can then place the blocks on top of each other to build a large pillar that shows the history of your city. Or several small pillars, or a wall or any shape you want. You decide what blocks you want to craft and what kind of monument you want to build.
The blocks don’t have to be totally block shaped. Lanterns or other decorations could stick out on the side. Some could be thinner or have holes through them. As long as you can still place them on top of each other the shape doesn’t matter too much.
I’ve mainly been thinking of stone blocks, but other materials could work as well. A big piece of gold on the top would look really nice.

I realise this might be more work than the kind of monuments that are planned now, but I thought I should at least suggest it. If it’s to much work for the team then maybe a modder picks it up.


i like this idea, even if they weren’t for monuments, just getting decorative blocks that we could stack together into pillars/walls would be really cool.

if i wasn’t working on Wizards n’ Stuff right now, i definitely would pick this up…


I got an issue finding those boxes for the monuments. Is there a clue where to look for?

The cook makes those boxes.

ok many thanks for that information