Monsters placing latter when attacking

It Would make the monsters more challenging if thy could place ladders to get up the side of mounters or the side of a wall so they could get to my people i seen if i close up my place they don’t really attack my kingdom only when i move people out of the wall they will launch an attack. but just remember that, we would be able to remove there latter


That is an interesting and seemingly easy thing to achieve. In the meantime some, including myself opt for a tower defense style. Basically; instead of walling off your town completely, create choke points with ballistas and other defenses. It makes, at least for me a much more interesting play style,

Would this only happen if they didn’t have a path to you naturally (including through doors), i.e., if you completely walled off your town? Otherwise, walls wouldn’t be useful at all. Also, it might make pathfinding significantly more expensive for monsters who have to consider “unpathable+ladders” paths to get to you in addition to the normal pathable areas.

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I have doors on the wall and when goblins and rock monsters show up they don’t even attack my door