Enemies spawn on ledges and they just wait for me to give them a ladder

Sometimes monsters spawn on ledges with no path to my settlement

Steps to reproduce:

  1. spawn near a ledge from where there’s no path to your camp
  2. wait until monsters spawn
  3. laugh at the fools for spawning there

Expected Results:
enemies spawn at places from where they can reach you

Actual Results:
see below

Version Number and Mods in use:
develop 3002
no mods

This is not an actual bug as far as I know. Monsters simply roam the world around your village. Wether it is on the mountaintops or in deep valley’s.

Mostly. Goblins, for example, usually appear in accessable areas.

is that not a training field?

One thing you can do is fence in a small area before you put up the ladder to keep the monsters from rushing the whole settlement and then have your military guard the spot at the bottom to take out whoever comes down. This lets the townsfolk get away without worrying about being chased by baddies.