Money sinks 💸


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It’d be interesting if crafting recipes cost a coin or few each, as a show of paying your craftsmen to work


Along those same lines… perhaps you could throw more gold at them to ensure a higher quality tier that gets produced.


New idea for money sinks: make drystones extremely expensive to buy from merchants. :stuck_out_tongue:


I read that with the new ACE 0.9.3 update that you can now smelt coins into gold ingots and gold ingots back into coins, check it out!


Hey, you all, I have came across this problem my self, and I think it might be a solution to be able to “pay” for some quests. Meaning that some quests required you to pay for some reason. If you are imaginative enough, it could solve the problem. For example: I read that in ACE there are plans for a crazy pirate NPC. He could give you a quest for a “lost treasure”. He would ask you to pay a large amount of money to support his journey. And than you could get some reward