Module (Mission) Ideas

On the game’s Kickstarter the Dev’s discuss the idea of Modules or small missions scattered randomly throughout the game world. They would like us, the community, to submit more content to be shared with others.

This is a place to share Module Idea’s. You don’t have to make it. Just share an idea!

The game is still very early on. But perhaps one of the Dev’s or a Modder will take your idea and use it now or later on!

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Your party (an adventurer, your army, or otherwise) discovers a large pile of cogs and metal things far from your main city.

You send an engineer to look it over. He/She determines it is an old ruin! Ruin’s have many secrets to study, but also indicate that something horrible happened there (and may happen again). You can set your engineer to study the ruins secrets, but it will take time (two in game hours).

Because of the time frame, it is best to build a small home near the site and defend it while the engineer works. In that time, monsters attack sporadically.

Once the engineer is done, he explains the ruins belonged to an ancient race with advanced machinery. He believes he has found schematics to re-create one of their great helpers!

Once crafted (which includes a bit of magic), it turns out to be a clunky steam robot! It moves slowly, but is immortal (to a certain extent) and has stat boosts to creating weapons! Your engineer also gains experience.

Interesting stuff! That could open up a whole system of repairing and upgrading the robot using minerals and such.

Me and my buddy Raj were talking about this the other night. I would make a quest that would require you to help three small pre-built forts on mountain tops. One would be in ruins and abandoned, one would be held by the enemy, and one would have potential allies but under siege.

You would have to help build up the ruins into a fully operational fort, lift the siege and take out the opposing army. If you succeeded, the people of the fort would give you a beacon you can put in your city that could be used as a distress call. If it was lit, the forts would send their soldiers to help and vice-versa.

Raj had an interesting idea (being a musician I guess) that would be to have a job class for artists and bards. This class would promote tourism so it was important your city didn’t just function well but was pretty to look at too. This way, if you built up a festival area with restaurants and stages and parks, random/temporary tourists could occasionally pop in and boost your economy and food supply. The artist’s class tree could branch from providing this kind of world tourism/trade bonus to a different class that, when playing their music, would help increase the speed of workers in a certain radius. Get enough together to form a band (would have to craft different instruments) and the radius would be bigger. City wide festivals that, if placed carefully enough, would not only invite tourists but also increase productivity by say 2-5% across your whole town.

But then I got into this whole thing about thief classes who could sneak into cities and steal things during festivals which would require policing in your city to crack down on and Raj was talking about having music that changed based on the size and state of your city and…well, we got carried away.

So let’s leave it at that for now!


I’d vote for boats! if you can ship to sail the seven seas, fight terrifying monsters and reach distant islands with which, little by little, we can trade.

but seeing the prototypes best improve the animation of the battle, it is static and will likely become bored.

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I have a strong affinity to airships. I would love to see a mod that could let any race built to such.

Race games!!

I would love to play all sorts of racing games. Racing games have two main modes, First to X count/points, or Highest count/points by X time limit.
For instance, King of the Hill, is a Race Game. Whoever has an archer standing on the top platform of this tower gains 1 point per second per archer. First person to 100 points wins or After 30 minutes whoever has the most points wins. This could be setup by a module I hope for a PvP game. Imagine 10 people playing such a game?
There are many more race modes, build to X height, kill X goblins, kill X other players characters, eliminate X players, gather X resources, craft X of an item, craft X of items A, B, and C… So many different type Race games are createable.

I was thinking along the lines of module packs. For instance we have the dragon pack consisting of 8 different modules.

  1. In one mod you come across some ancient runes, you can have one of your researchers spend some time trying to discover what the runes say and eventually end up leveling up your researcher and gain some lure on the existence of dragons
  2. You stumble across a whelpling nest and can try and tame them or end up fighting them
  3. You come across a different set of ruins where you are attacked by a horde of lets say dragon tamers. When you defeat them and explore the ruin you find a magic item thats rumored to tame dragons (you cant train the whelps without this)
  4. You come across a huge tower and inside you find an old man who apparently is a wizard. (He seems a little goofy so youre not quite sure) Who will teach a spell to one of your magic users that induces sleep.
  5. You stumble across a little town defending itself from the dragon. You can help them drive back the dragon and they join your settlement
  6. You come across a scorched battlefield and have couple options like ‘leave it alone’ ‘bury the bodies’ ‘search the bodies’ You can come across a magic sword or shield to help with battling the dragon
  7. You come across a weird witch and she puts your men to sleep and locks them in a dungeon. Upon escaping and killing the witch you find an amulet that increases the power of sleep spells.
  8. The dragon’s lair where you can decide to go inside and awaken the beast. This can lead to a fight, you can tame the beast (high level tamer and taming charm), or put it to sleep for a thousand years (with the spell and the amulet) and steal its treasure.

This is just an example but I hope to see a lot of module packs.


Here is one I thought of during work:

Sky Island Campaign

  1. Random NPC encountered asks you for help, their small village is being raided.
  2. Player gathers sufficient forces and fights off the aggressors but notices the villager’s clothing and weapons were of unknown make.
  3. Village elder tells you a tale regarding his people who used to live on a floating island but were driven out by a Titan.
  4. Elder gives you a map for the teleporter that can be used to get to the island.
  5. Teleporter has been sabotaged by the Titan’s minion and needs to be restored with your resource.
  6. Once the teleporter is repaired it will activate at a set interval allowing you to access the island.
  8. Upon capturing the island you are reward with some rare materials and plans for crafting professions. Now the player can start construction on their new floating island!
  • With great advantage of building on the island comes with some challenge, namely water and space to grow food. Players may want to set up a separate settlement by the teleporter and stock up enough material to allow the island to thrive. I think the devs will allow players to artificially extend the area of the usable land (scaffolding, man made extensions etc…). With enough work you can have a huge city.

This is all I have atm


You come across a bandit fortress, with walls, a small keep, and a few other buildings. It turns out they’ve recently attacked a traveling caravan, stolen the supplies, and taken prisoners! By laying siege to the camp you can take out the bandits (which could slow down the rate of bandit raids on your town), which would grant you the supplies they stole and the prisoners as new citizens, or you can work with the bandits, help them take caravans in return for some of the profit, but other settlements around you would become annoyed and possibly declare war.

A landslide (or mining project) uncovers… a buried object.

Turns out it is only the tip of an ancient tower.
Break through this tip and you break whatever ancient magicks held The Nasty Thing™ imprisoned.

If you carefully excavate your way around it like an archeologist you find the entrance at the bottom and get to explore (and loot =) the tower without freeing The Nasty Thing™.

Heres some ideas for a modules with dragon.

  1. A villager in your town finds a dragon egg and keeps it a secret. As it grows into a fire breathing monster, you will have to train it before it destroys your town.
  2. A gargantuan dragon appears at some distant mountain or flying in the sky. It gives you a few days to prepare or go hunt the dragon down. After that time, if the dragon isn’t killed, it will swoop down to your village and burn it to ashes.
  3. You find a nest of wyrmlings in a cave. You can choose to train them or kill them.
  4. A traveling caravan is attacked and the noble traveling is kidnapped by a dragon. you must send men to save the noble before he is devoured. When saved, the noble will give money as a thanks.
    Normally, the modules would be longer and more detailed, but these are just outlines.
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