Modifying lua files

I’m trying to increase the capacity of the Vault from 256 to 512 (Since using the same space 8 stone chests can store 512 items). I have the \stonehearth\entities\containers\vault\vault.json file:
“capacity”: 256 -> “capacity”: 512

But this doesn’t seem to actually change anything in my game. Do I need start a new game? Is there anyway to force the game to reload the luas?

The component is caching the capacity once it’s created, so your JSON change only affects newly created vaults.

To modify the existing vaults, you would need to change the saved variables of the storage component in the vault(s). This is not doable with the vanilla tools and/or some effort to make a conversion mod/modifying the storage_component.lua’s restore or activate. I advise against this, however.

Ah, I see. Thank you very much!