Is it possible for storage greater than 256 items?


Hey. I was wondering if it is possible to create storage containers that hold more than the Vault’s 256 item limit. Maybe a taller/longer version?


I don’t believe there’s any item in the game already which has more storage than that. However, there’s nothing that would prevent a mod from adding arbitrarily large storage volumes to an item (like, more items than the game can actually run/keep up with) since it’s just a variable within the argument for whether something is a container.

The Northern Alliance can get access to a tier 3 storage item called the Chest of Siv or something like that, which apparently has a really large storage count too… of course by the time you get to that item you can probably make vaults easily; but if anything does have more storage than a vault it’s likely that magical tier 3 chest.


The Chest of Siv is the same size as a Stone Chest but holds double: 128 items. The Box 'o Vox mod has a chest that holds a huge amount, think it was close to 1000 items, and its also around the same size as a Stone Chest.


great. I might have to try to work something out then, thank you. I just wasnt sure if it was even possible


oh, WOW. thats awesome!!!


box o vox has a chest that holds 2048 items


yeah, but i need to download the ENTIRE mod, not just the chest. I just took a look