Modding: Columns

To learn more about how modding works in Stonehearth, I attempted a small project. Namely, adding a new Mason recipe that creates some greek/roman style columns. I feel like the game needs something to hold the roof up in large caverns. Maybe the sky too. You never know when the sky may try and fall on your head.

With this second version I now have 4 columns. Square, half square, round and half round. The half types are suitable for placing against walls.

Mod: Columns v3


Well done!

I’m hoping the team will add square columns, either Ionian- or Doric-styled for our castles.
Do they serve any other purposes? Also, do they join well with walls? I think it’d be nice if you can place one at either end of a gap in a wall to embellish gates and entryways.

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By square you mean something like this?

I might try to build some half columns so you can place them against a wall. That would be quite nice for hallways and doorways in mines I think.

Note: I’m building them 4 tiles high, so they’ll fit under the roof in a cave or support a second floor.


Yup! Exactly what I meant. It’d fit in better as everything in SH is designed to be square/blocky. Also, I think the door frames have a bit of scalloping going on giving them a square column feel… if you’re looking to expand your mod, you can definitely take a shot at implementing stone doors to match your columns! :smile:

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Well, I’m having fun for now. I’m thinking maybe I’ll do a few, with the fancier designs set for higher levels to give them a bit of a ramp up. Higher Mason levels are kind of boring atm :wink:


Pillars!! They look nice.

IF I was to suggest anything, it’s to try and make them wider and more squared than the ones in Post 1. The world of Stonehearth isn’t supposed to have circles, so you can make them seem round with shading? Minecrafts Quarts Pillar is a good example of how it could be done.

Do you plan to add the ability to build on them? Like put a roof or walkway on top of a pillar?

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I’m thinking of making each column a single tile across and 4 tiles high. Much wider and they start filling up too much space.

The height is so they can fill a standard 4 tile height tunnel or support a roof. Since I’m just figuring all this out, I have no idea how to do the later yet.

I’m not even sure it is possible right now, but it’s a good thing to think about

Uploaded a v2 of this mod. Now with the second square column and some “half” versions of the columns to place against walls. I’ll try and put together some pictures of them in action later.

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Well, turns out putting some kind of roof on top of columns requires no extra coding at all. You just add a second floor using the columns as starting points. I made a colonnade of sorts.

Of course, the standard roof building tool requires walls to add it on, so if you wanted to put a proper roof directly on top, you’d have to use other tools (the single block one or the floor tool).


Added a couple more column types in full and half form: Marble and Gold Plated.


Cool! Now it’s time to add in marble as a resource!!!
(You can take a look at my lightsaber mod files for more info on that!)

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