Column Templates - A "Vanilla Mod"

This post has column templates for A9. You can find the ones for A10 in this post further down.
I’ve heard a lot of people ask how to make a 1 x 1 wall column/pillar/pole. I tried using the draw wall tool to do this today, and it didn’t work. However, I was lucky enough to have saved a wooden column template earlier. I did a Frankenstein job on that and made a stone column template. Now, placing one of these pillars is as easy as placing down a template - also, these won’t refuse to go on top of floors as much as when drawing out a wall normally.

It’s pretty easy to install. Just right click here, select Save Link as, and save it to …Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates. Do the same for this link as well.

These may not be revolutionary, but they are pretty handy. However, I was determined to go further - except I couldn’t:
After diving further into the templates, I tried to make single-block columns so we could finally build non-column things with that nice dark shade of wood. I found a max{y:} value that was set to six and lowered it to one. I went to place it and the ghost looked right…

The placed product? Not so much. Nor when it was built.
The data I changed changed the ghost, but it appears to be overridden by a certain “stonehearth:column” : {}. or in other words:
Radiant? Some of your data doesn’t actually do anything!

Now for the question: Does this count as a mod? Is this thread in the right place?
Well, strictly speaking, it is a modification or addition to the game’s files, allowing for something not possible in the base game. However, it isn’t a .smod. So, [forum not game] mods, I guess it depends on your definition: If you think this belongs somewhere else, move it there. However, we don’t have a Templates category, and this is really more like modding than gameplay, as almost everything I’ve done here was out of the game.


yup, works for me! :+1:

and thanks for putting this together…


YESSSSSS!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve been waiting for a modder to put this in or for the colors to be slabbed but YOU DID IT FIRST!!! AWWW YOU AWESOME PERSON YOU!!! YES!!!


Awesome work @coasterspaul, very useful :slight_smile:

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very awesome man! almost title worthy… (‘hint’ ‘hint’ @SteveAdamo …)


Thanks for the praise, everybody, but I really didn’t do that much. :blush: I was just lucky enough to have a column template laying around, then I got curious and changed about three lines of data. I’m actually kind of surprised this hasn’t been done before.

However, I am looking at going further with this “template modding”. It seems there’s a lot of potential here, and I can’t wait to dive in further!


Shame on you, Alpha 10, for destroying my work! Though it shouldn’t be too hard to make column templates again… I’ll get back to you on that.


Thanks for the mod!

I’d love to make simple vanilla mods like this, but I’ll wait until Stonehearth includes an actual mod distributor in the game. I know it’s not high in their priority list, but I wish there was a way to implement this soon. “Simple” mods like this one can be immensely useful to me!

As mentioned, A10 broke my columns. However, it makes it insanely easy to make your own - here are the correct slab colors for the wall pillars we were used to:

I’m not entirely sure about the stone one, as stone walls have been a bit broken in A10 - but it looks about right.

However, for convenience’s as well as mass production’s sake, you can find six-high columns here and here.