[MOD] Traveller's Store Advanced!

#Traveller’s Store Advanced!
If you’re embarking on a mission to build a kingdom in the middle of nowhere, don’t you agree that the starting store is a bit empty?

This mod contains:
High-End combat tools:
125 - Archer’s Bow
125 - Cleric’s Tome
125 - Knight’s Shield

High-End tools:
150 - Shepherd’s Crook
150 - Blacksmith’s Hammer

Mid-Range tools:
100 - Trapper’s Knife
100 - Cook’s Spoon
100 - Mason’s Chisel

Low-End tools:
50 - Farmer’s Hoe
50 - Wooden Sword
50 - Weaver’s Spindle
50 - Herbalist’s Staff

5 - Corn
4 - Pumpkins
3 - Carrots
2 - Turnips
1 - Berries


Although the majority of tools are included in this mod; the aim of this mod is to strategise your starting equipment, of course you may purchase some high-end gear, but not as much if you were to purchase low-end gear.

Personal note:
I like to start with this loadout:
Bow, Shield, Crook, Hoe, Food. (35 gold remainder)

You can choose what ever you like, have fun. <3

Thanks to @Subio
For fixing my obvious flaw that for some reason wasn’t a problem in a minor mod I made earlier.


Hey there @Faye, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:! Thanks for sharing your mod with us!


Thanks ^-^

I also owe thanks to this boy here:

Fixed my obvious flaw that for some reason wasn’t a problem in a minor mod I made earlier.


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Done. :3 :fried_shrimp:

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Hi @Faye, just wanted to let you know that I traced a problem back to your mod. The problem is not being able to close the setting menu at the main menu with the “ok” button. It only allows you to use the cancel button. Thanks for the great mod though! I can’t wait for it to be updated and working smoothly!

;w; it crashes to desktop as soon as i get to the travellers store menu…no error comes up nothing it just loads the menu then CRASH.

Are you playing with Rayya’s Children? It only does this when I play with them.

YEAH only with Rayya’s Children…wtf? ;w;

Hmm, I’m going to guess this is because Rayya’s Children start’s with the potter’s cutter, and so needs a slightly different Traveller’s store.

The other likely culprit, is that as Rayya’s Children is built like an add-on, it simply calls to the original Traveller’s store, and the game derps when it can’t be found.

If it is something outside of this, then sorry I wasn’t able to help you or the mod-author.

Iunno how that was caused, but clicking “Okay” then hitting “ESC” is a short fix.

Works with both alliances for me.

That could possibly be relative to the issue, Iunno why it doesn’t happen to me but everyone else.

does anyone else get the feeling that this mod has become obsolete now? lol

Absolutely not, I think with how the game now works in alpha 21 the mod would just add more of these “packages” if you like. There would of course possibly be some balancing issues but it could still be a cool idea for a mod “reboot”

Considering consodering in A21 they realised that you WOULD need more stuffs to erect a kingdom from the wilderness; Greatly yet Partially.

After A21 is stable I may add a few bundles which balance how the packages are distributed (currently it focuses on either mass food or mass riches) so I plan to balance that. -Faye

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well true it would add more packages to the game but in it’s current state it’s obsolete because it merely lets you choose what you want to bring with you like the old traveller’s store did prior to the update. in order to make this mod usable again firstly the name would need to be changed simply because it doesn’t match anymore really. the UI would need to be updated to match the current alpha’s menu. and they would have to find new packages that weren’t thought up by the developers that are also not completely unbalanced in favor of the player to make things too easy. for instance you could make a package that only contains crafting materials and prebuilt crafted pieces for housing but no farming or hunting tools forcing the player to live off of berry bushes until they could afford to trade for or craft a farmers hoe/trappers knife. So the player can get a nicely sized home early on but a poor diet until further notice.

Whether I can or can not be bothered though is a whole new story, currently working on a project woth my brother (unrelated to SH) and there’s been a lot of trouble in my life recently that I’d rather not broadcast for everyone to read, I’ll try to keep up though. :heart:

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Of course, which is why I mentioned it could be a mod “reboot” I appreciate a lot would need to be changed.

So, the travellers store is obsolete in A21, you may need to reedit the mod a slight bit. We do “Collections” now, like Food for days, has a Hoe, and absurd amounts of food. Best guess, is to make new collections and revise the mod a bit. Just a helping Hint