[MOD] Storable Plants

This little mod modifies the wild plants like silkweed and brightbell so they can be undeployed and stored in a container or stockpile.

Undeploy does not work for plants which have not been moved before. To work around this give them a move order first, then click undeploy.

They don’t actually have to be moved, they just need to get the green move arrow above them for a second then everything will work normally from then on for that plant. I guess it has something to do with how they are placed by map generation.

Download (A14 r524): storable_plants (A14 r524).zip

Installation: Unzip into your mods folder ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\mods’.

Technical: This mod is very simple and consists of only 2 small files:


   "components": {
      "stonehearth:entity_forms": {
         "hide_undeploy_ui": false
      "stonehearth:material": {
         "tags": "resource plant"


   "info": {
      "name": "storable_plants",
      "version": 2

   "mixintos" : {
      "stonehearth:plants:berry_bush": "file(make_plant_storable.json)",
      "stonehearth:plants:brightbell": "file(make_plant_storable.json)",
      "stonehearth:plants:cactus": "file(make_plant_storable.json)",
      "stonehearth:plants:frostsnap": "file(make_plant_storable.json)",
      "stonehearth:plants:pear_cactus": "file(make_plant_storable.json)",
      "stonehearth:plants:silkweed": "file(make_plant_storable.json)",
      "stonehearth:plants:tumbleweed": "file(make_plant_storable.json)"

really this should be in the actual game, nice job though! :smiley: (however maybe in storage they rot like food if not planted? would be a good change)


Thanks :slight_smile: yeah, it would be nice if it was. Perhaps it’s disabled due to that little glitch.

IDK about the rotting for plants though because if you picked up all the plants on the map and let them rot you’d have no way of getting any more. Unless they were sold by the merchants. That would be pretty nice actually. Still, I’d turn off the rot so I didn’t feel hurried when building a garden.

How would you go about disabling the rotting process? I hade it when my food supply is getting spoiled

Probably set decay_per_hour to 0 in mixins\food\food_decay\food_decay.json would work, I’m guessing.

Would you like me to do a little mod that does that? Or do you wanna have a go? It just needs to be something like this one here I think, where you change the values.

will try to open the json. Seems thats the easy way to try it out. Managed to change it, waiting for result

Hey! Please feel free to add this to the Praisedb - http://praisedb.x10.bz :sunglasses:

Was easy enough to change, so far no rotting food. Totally happy and so are my villagers

@Shizuyori Thanks, I downloaded the client and looking into this is on my list of things to do, but I’m pretty lazy so IDK when :wink:

@Doc_Brano Nice one! Did you just edit the game files or make a little mod to do it?

I’m thinking if you want this others will too so it would be nice to create a little mod that does it. Did you wanna take a crack at doing that? Or would you rather I just did it? I could help you with it if you wanted or I could just do it myself, IDM either way. I just think it’d be nice if someone did so I’m wondering are you interested in doing that or not really?

I started looking into it already and a better way to do it would be to disable the food_decay service to remove the overhead of not-decaying all the food you have. I mean it still checks etc and ideally it wouldn’t. I think I know how to disable it, but I don’t yet know how to make the code to run at the right time.

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Heh ok no worries, if you need any help let me know.

The client is just an app to download and manage the mods from the website, for your mod to show up in the client (and everyone else who uses the client) you would need to add it to the website, which should be as easy as registering and then creating a new mod and then adding a version.

Take it easy and congrats on the mod it’s great!

@Krote I just changed the json file with notepad. I’m a real nooby when it comes to modding, would not even know where or how to start so on that subject i’m no help.

Personally i tink that just changing a file would be in some cases better. I’vw you would make a mod to do it, just a little mistake in coding or a change by the developers would make the mod useless. Not to mansion the likelyhood it won’t cooperate with other mods (total noob here). Not sure weather the file has an influence on other game related aspects other then a timer for when food is no good to use anymore.

@Doc_Brano No worries mate, thanks anyway though.

It’s actually very simple to change properties/named values (IDK what to call them exactly) just like you did in notepad but with a mod. In fact that’s exactly what this mod does, just change 2 values hide_undeploy_ui and tags, but in multiple files rather than just one, and all you need for it to work is to make a ‘storable_plants’ folder in your mods folder and put those two files in it and you’re good to go.

I think what I might do is do a similar mod which does what you did and explain a bit how it works so maybe next time you or anyone else wants to make a little change you can copy and modify that instead of editing game files

Does anyone know if there are any existing tutorials for making a mod to simply change a couple of values? I’ll have to do a search.

Also I’m pretty sure those settings don’t effect anything else, but I’ll do a search and double check. Glad it worked out for you though :slight_smile:

@Shizuyori Thanks! I kinda wish more people would do little mods like this actually, rather than one big one which changes a whole bunch of stuff. I think there was a mod which already moved the plants as well as many other things, but that was all I wanted and I suspect it was outdated. If it had been split into smaller mods some components might still be compatible. IDK.

I like the idea of your site and thingie too. I think I read you set up some sort of profile thing so you could quickly alter what mods are active to play different save games. That sounds awesome! Also I reckon it’s great you encourage/require people to version their mods. I knew when I did this one and the other I should put something, but didn’t bother because they were so simple, well that’s my excuse, really it was because I was too lazy :grin:


Thanks :D, yea the profile thing took a little work to get done but i think it works well, so you can have a test install and a main install, i can’t take credit for it though as it was suggested through the topic here ;), glad you think it’s useful though, yea the versioning thing i thought was pretty crucial just so it help support those that don’t want to run the latest update on steam but the latest alpha.

Hope everyone continues to find it useful :slight_smile:

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This one is a really nice mod thank you for sharing! :+1:

You’re welcome, thanks! BTW who is your avatar? He looks interesting.

@Krote do you mean my Avatar? If yes it’s actually a she :wink: It’s from the Anime SkipBeat and thats the Maincharacter as a child. ( In my Opinion the Manga of it is way better and longer than the Anime buuut if I begin with such a topic I won’t be able to stop :smiley: )

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Yeah, that’s what I meant, thanks. I was trying to work it out, bloke or chick… I thought bloke in the end, ah man! Reminds me of when I was in Thailand and there were these Ladyboys who were kinda scary in that I-Can’t-Tell-That-You’ve-Got-That-Thing kind of way :slight_smile: They were very beautiful anyway, and far more lady than boy.

I’ll have to take a look at the anime. I tend to like the ones with kids in them. Like spirited away etc. But that one sounds like it might be set when shes older. Anyway, I’ll take a look some time, thanks.

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