[MOD] Smart Crafter


Hey! Sorry for being tardy; I’ve been away these last couple of days.

But anyways, thanks for pointing this out for me! I’ve been meaning to update this mod so it doesn’t override, which will most likely mean that I’m gonna use Jelly for that. I can’t say when I’ll be done with this (busy with other stuff :stuck_out_tongue:). In the meantime I can upload a small fix to get this working. :wink:

EDIT: I’ve updated the mod now, it works as intended now. Just download the mod once more and you’ll have no problems. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I will test it when im Home :wink:


heyho ^^ update possible? :smiley:


And PraiseDB uploading? :smiley:


I’ve been looking to update this mod, and I’ll get to it when I stop being lazy</strike through> have time for it. :slight_smile:


Hah lazy Drotten, is there such a thing?


Well, the world is crazy sometimes!


Is there any chance this is updated for A13? I would love to use it ^-^


If it’s gonna be updated now it’s most likely gonna be for alpha 14. :slightly_smiling:

It could still be compatible with alpha 13 though, if you’re lucky.


Cant wait until release :stuck_out_tongue:


Update time!

The mod now works properly with the latest (unstable) Stonehearth version.

Extra features added:

  • Ensures that there are no more than 1 maintain order of each recipe.
  • The crafters now keep track of all the resources available, whether it’s in storage or about to be crafted itself. And they also reserve any resources that are needed for a recipe in order for crafters to know if they actually need to craft other stuff or if they can take what’s available.

The links in the OP have been updated.

Edit: Not sure if it works for Alpha 13 though, but if it doesn’t… then you’ll just have to wait until Alpha 14 is available. :slightly_smiling:


This mod is the reason cavemen painted on walls.


I’m sorry, I don’t quite get the analogy. But, thanks…?


LOL it’s a reference to a line from one of my favorite movies, As Good As it Gets.

Basically, it means this is a beautiful, inspiring thing and I love it. :grin:


ahhh ok now i understand it to :stuck_out_tongue:



Just made some changes so it’s compatible with alpha 15. The links in the OP have been updated.


and PraiseDB has been updated too :wink:


Just little info - i still love it xD


ok needs an little update for a17 ^^ it gets issues while checking the inventory ^^


@brad I just saw this and thought it would be relevant to the problem where items aren’t crafted automatically if dependencies for the first level weren’t met, for automatic resource creation for houses.