[MOD] Smart Crafter


If they did that, it’d be an honor! :blush:
But it’s not something I wanna get hung up on, whatever TR think of and implement, I’m sure it will be great. I mean, SH is already pretty good, but they just keep making it better! :smiley:


Alright @Wiese2007, I’ve updated the mod now, please check and let me know if you still got the same error. :smile:

In addition to the change that hopefully fixes the error, I’ve also changed it to make all the necessary stuff even if you have it all in your inventory. Reason for this is that you might want to use that for other recipes.

For example when crafting a bunch of cloth bolts, you make 3 threads each, later on (when the weaver has crafted some threads) you add something else that also requires threads. The weaver find threads in the stockpile, but doesn’t know that it’s supposed to be used for the cloth, and then doesn’t craft more threads (even though he should).


@drotten im on the road :smiley:


ok something isnt correct ^^ when i want to build some outfit its only add 2 bolt of cloths or leather - but when they doesnt use the inventory - they should first produce 3 spool of thread then 2 clothes and then the outfit (or for leather 1)? or iam wrong?

but i don´t get the error anymore :smiley: great work!


You’re not, it’s as you say (though it should be 6 threads :wink:)
Anyway, the threads should be added there. I’m starting to suspect the error lies elsewhere. I see that you got a different kind of error there though, something that shouldn’t be isn’t because of this mod. It might be related to that, hard to say though.
Do you load up a saved game when trying this? If you do, try starting a new game and see if the error persists.

I’m glad to hear though that your previous error is gone, progress! :smiley:


ok i try a new game ^^


That should be possible, but requires a major overhaul of the system. Basically, you would need a request system that would deal with this kind of thing. All items, crafted, built, placed or otherwise, get requested. The request manager will resolve these requests either by items from the stockpile (if available), waiting (harvestable items) or crafting requests.

Crafting requests, in return, will be simple: The request system requests the ingredients for said item from itself and sends a random/the most skilled/a free/specially marked crafter request to craft X.

By using this system, you get a simplified request interface that also allows you to make use of multiple crafters (for example, ordering 40 chairs with 4 carpenters will take 4 times less time).

I haven’t looked into the code at all yet, so I don’t know if/how items can be reserved - the request system would likely have to be aware of that (i.e. avoiding that two requests can take the same item and therefore create bottlenecks).

You could even have designated harvest zones (trees/rock/berry bushes/crops?) that would only get harvested if there is a demand for it - therefore, avoiding clogging up your precious inventory space. Such a system could also easily deal with “Keep X in inventory” requests, by doing periodical inventory checking. This could happen in the background (e.g. if your carpenter has lots of active orders, these are prioritised - but if he has nothing to do, he’ll make sure that there are always 150 dinner tables for one in your inventory).

Another extension, as slightly mentioned somewhere before, could be white/blacklists for crafting recipes. Therefore, for example, an apprentice could make all the ingots while the master itself could create Fine Golden Chandeliers - one creates the ingredients, the other crafts the thing. In one flawless process, the system reserves/produces these things as required.

It could be beautiful. It sounds like a very interesting thing to do however, I might give it a shot.


pictures says more then words ^^ first its all correct -

then i have added it again and he doesnt want the single one spool - so i delete all exclusie the 6 spools and try it again.

i think the single spool check the stockpile ^^

edit: jup they use the stockpile - 2 bolt ready no thread and look


I’ll be checking up on this tomorrow (it’s getting too late over here ;)). I’ll let you know what I find then!


here is also 0am ^^ so i finish my anime and then my cat wants some knuffs - so good night :smiley:


wow @Drottenlove this! the premise is great, and will absolutely save some time and frustration! :+1:


What about when buildings need certain items from the carpenter such as doors and windows? That would be extra helpful. Currently I am stuck to making everything on =1 or =2.


see this post xD


Good morning (even though it’s noon now ;)).

I’ve updated the mod now and fixed the issue. It was like you said: they took from the inventory still, but only if everything was there already. Anyway now they’re making everything whether or not you already have it (you can always remove the stuff manually if you don’t want the crafter to make the stuff ;)).

Thanks for testing it out @Wiese2007, please let me know if you run into any more problems.


Ok first when you say its noon it means you have also GMT+1? ^^ and i will try it now :smiley:

edit1: stable version works perfect ^^ same with old savegames - now i try the unstable version (but there i need some time ;))

PS: im from germany ^^


Yup, I’m in Sweden. :smile:

That’s great! Hope it stays that way.


unstable works also very fine - the last test will be the cook but i have the framebug - every 2 seconds 12 sec freeze — so this will need a little bit :smiley:


Every 2 seconds, at all times? The mod only does something when wanting to craft something, if you get these freezes at any other time, so methinks it’s cause of something else. :smile:


dont worry this has nothing todo with your mod ^^ this is because of the amdbug xD x64 soo the cook works - next the blacksmith and then its all fini ^^

sooo fini - all works correct :smiley:


hey i wanted to use your mod in the new version 240 but i get an error now -.-