[Mod] Settlement Decor Mod [Download available]


Once I release the final version I will upload an image that has all of the items that are included in the mod. This should give people a better indication of what the mod includes.


A new version is out. Mostly with fixes to a number of little things, offset models, item stockpile categories, string errors etc.


I’d like to point out that the statues are still used as “chairs” when eating by hearthlings, and also the fortress door’s back side has a vertical voxel offset problem.


so statues are the new birdbaths then… :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry about the long wait for a new update, but here it is. Just a few small changes and bug fixes. Hopefully I will have something more substantial soon.


Been using your mod for a while now. I voted for it to be a core feature.


I heard some user say there is a bug make you can barely promote villager but after playing i see no problem, i promote multiple time even to test and there was no problem at all


Just a note that the doors and windows aren’t available in the building menu for Alpha 17. There is discussion in the following thread about what the issue is.


Mod Spiros Window+Gate Mod

Is it meant to be that villagers can sit down to these potted plants (or any stuff that gardener made)?
I see that when they’re hungry, they go and sit on the potted sunflower for example.


No this is a bug which I have fixed in the current version Im working on, so it shouldn’t be an issue in the near future.


Is this mod up to date in the A17?

Bad English


I think this is a bug,
The wooden lantern pole things(the arced ones)
Ar considered as wall-mounted, so they can’t be placed on the ground
And i think a few other things are also considered the same way

My build of the mod might be a little obsolete and i can’t check since i’m out right now, so if this is fixed, let me know


is this where the latest version will always be shown?


@Hunyo18 Its not 100% compatible right now due to the problem @Mechanismatic mentioned about doors and windows not appearing in the construction menu, everything else I believe is working in alpha 17.

@Hyrule_Symbol I assume you are talking about the wooden and stone mine entrance scaffold which has the lanterns. These are intended to only be wall mounted, as are some of the individual lanterns. However, if you meant something else that shouldn’t be wall mounted let me know.

@Banto Yes that link will always have the latest version.


To fix the doors and windows issue, in each entity’s iconic.json file you have to change the category line from Construction to Door or Window, whichever type of object it is.


“category” : “door”

There’s some other aspect of this relating to missing strings, but I don’t know how to resolve that issue.

There’s some discussion about that here: Alpha 17 kills previous door and window mods


@Mechanismatic only the iconic.json has issues from the update for windows and doors mod?
the rest are unchanged?

@The_M if that’s the only problem stated by @Mechanismatic, is it ok if I try to fix it? Just asking permission to tinker your mod.


As far as I know, yes, other than a seemingly unimportant missing category string somewhere that at worst may present an error message. I’ve modified mods that have custom doors and windows to get them working until the mod makers release official new versions. Changing the category should get the entities to work in the meantime.


Ye go ahead I have no problem with people making changes once they have downloaded the mod.


Noticed that the beds need to have “assign” to hearthling added to them since it was added to other beds in latest version


Updated with a number of fixes that have been requested. Hearthlings should no longer sit in plant pots, doors and windows should be available again and beds can be assigned to people. Also the gardener will now require a level 3 farmer, this is to make it fit in more as a later game profession.

I had hoped to release a much larger update with a big new change to the mod, but it has become more complex to implement and is taking a while, so I thought I should release a update with these fixes rather than keep people waiting.