[Mod] Poyo Coop - Alpha 12

Poyo Coop Mod Version 1.0 : https://www.dropbox.com/s/uu8ades1asf4y18/poyocoop.smod?dl=0 - purely decoration, no harvest functionality

Poyo Coop Mod Version 1.1 : https://www.dropbox.com/s/t5r85fx30ila7t0/poyocoop.smod?dl=0 - Egg harvest functionality added

This is a simple mod that adds a Poyo Coop which you can place inside your Poyo Coop Pasture in Alpha 12.

It’s the first mod that ive created for Alpha 12 and the first time ive ever shared on here, so if you find any issues please let me know and be patient :smile:

You can harvest eggs from the coop by either pressing the egg button in the lower left hand corner of the ui or by selecting the coop with your standard harvesting selection tool.

Currently the colision box isnt set up correctly and so your hearthlings will dissapear inside the coop to harvest the eggs. Due to @Sandwitch’s Sign the **Poyo coop petition! post i won’t be continuing with this mod unless it doesnt end up happening, then i will continue to work on it.

There is a recipe for the carpenter listed under “Specialist Items”, which requires 10 wood and 2 poyo feed bags.

Here is the recipe:

Here is the poyo coop model:

Poyo Coop Turntable photo poyo_coop_turntable.gif

Here is a screenshot in game:

Download The Latest Version Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t5r85fx30ila7t0/poyocoop.smod?dl=0


Maybe you should see this…

The poyo petition!

But, if TR doesn’t do it, I fully support you doing it instead!


Thanks! I am so down for TR doing the coops!

In the mean time ill just keep this here and ive already added the harvesting functionality so ill just update it and wait patiently for TR :smile:


Hi Kurohito, do you mind if I use your mod for testing with my mod manager program?

Sure that’s fine @Shizuyori go ahead :slight_smile:

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Great thanks Kurohito, I am right in thinking that all is needed is for your .smod to go in to the mods folder right?

Yep just pop it into the mods folder and it’s good to go.

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darn you beat me to it! though to be honest i probably would have just procrastinated rather then write the code :stuck_out_tongue:

good looking mod, you did much better then i could have done, i might have to use this…


lol! :smiley: thank you although i saw your coop model in the petition and i must say its so much better than mine! i’m only slightly jealous and wishing i had your qubicle skills
If you do use it the colision box needs fixing - which i may get around to doing at some point lol


aww… thanks… :blush:

though to be perfectly honest, those were just re-purposed beds :wink:


Genius! i never would of thought of that lol
i’m just glad the poor little poyo’s are going to have someplace to go :chicken:

…hopefully fingers crossed


how can i download the mode for steam ?

download via steam not possible but you can download it via the link in the first post and paste them in the stonehearth folder (mostly programs/steam/steamapps/common/stonehearth)


Exactly as @Wiese2007 said you just have to go to program files, then steam, steam apps, common, and then stonehearth and pop it directly into the mods folder in there…
What I tend to do is create a shortcut on my desktop directly to the mods folder or stonehearth folder so I don’t have to do lots of clicking… I’m click lazy :stuck_out_tongue: and it helps if you’re going to be adding lots of mods.

If you have any issues let me know :smile: