Calling the signers of the Poyo Coop petition!

I have some good news and some bad news!

(I’m speaking directly to you, @Atralane, @Wiese2007, @Henry3748, @Boulderboy, @Beatrice, @thorbjorn42gbf, @naturalnuke, @Relyss, 8BitCrab, @Patzeh13, and @Dwalus )

Good news: Team Radiant has given us an answer!

Bad news: Here is that answer!

So! Do not be disheartened my allies, for I have decided I will take sdee up on that offer!
Yes, I am aware @Kurohito has already made a mod like this. But, what we need to do is take that mod and give it that truly Stonehearth feel!
Positions Needed (If you wish to take up any of these roles, message me.)

  • Lead programmer.
  • Lead artist.
  • Animator?

I have taken up the role of lead designer.
Now then! Here are my goals for the poyo coop mod!

  • Have the coops easily put inside or out of the fence, with a ramp to connect the two.
  • Create the ability for Poyos to go inside and sleep.
  • Make it to where Poyos prioritize laying eggs in a coop but still will do so on the ground.
  • Add the ability to see inside a coop.

For when certain features exist:

  • Allow customization for coops depending on the biome/climate (i,e: warmer coops for winter/snow biomes, etc.)

  • Allow coops to give protection against wild animals and invaders (Hey, goblins like eggs too!)

Well, that’s all for now. I look forward to what you guys have to say!


hmmms sry im not good with artist and animation (i have test it and im awful -.-) and for the programming i can make a mod but the ability to see inside a coop etc … nope for this must be programm a full new code -.-

This is kinda sad but also great that you’re doing it @Sandwitch :smile:
It’s desperatly needed IMO because those poor little Poyo’s are all stuck outside in the cold! :chicken:
I can’t wait!


Because my talents at modding (I mean modding seriously) are near the absolute zero, all I can do here is eventually give my opinion on the modeling of the coop…


if you wish i could provide my models… though they dont work/look that great so you probably wont want them for this…

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Well, you could always make some new models for this particular use…

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