[mod-idea] Honey, I shrunk the kids

I thought about shrinking the little hearthlings and here I implemented some starting ideas. I like the idea of playing in the backyard between the ants.
Not sure if I continue this at the moment as I have some other mod, but for anyone who want, feel free to build upon it.
Maybe it can be some alternative plane.
I thought about adding a giant dog as titan. With only the legs visible and rampaging through the land. Destroying everything in its path. :smile:
Anyone more ideas?

I uploaded the file on stonehearthkingdom.


added some weeds.


Nice idea and looks great :wink:. Would be rather easy to populate the world as you can just up-scale all models. Hope to see this at some point as a mod.

holy :no_mouth: ! This is awesome!
maybe birds that fly like dragons?


Amazing. It really reminds me of tiny huge island from Super Mario 64, maybe we could just make these sorts of things like little ant farms?

You build a research centre, have an ecosystem in a box, and watch the tiny tiny settlers do their little thing.

Or maybe I should just go for a while. Alternate planes sounds very interesting :slight_smile:


oh, nice work @Miturion! love the basic premise… :smile:

i wonder if this idea could coexist with the vanilla game? as in, regular size setters, who perhaps stumble across some wee sized settlers? i suppose it might only work if the regular size units were about level with the yellow weeds in your last image…

i hope someone pursues this! :+1:

Like this? yea that would be cool.

good idea.

If only it was that easy :crying_cat_face:


gah! make it so!!! :clap:

i love that the unit on the left is looking down on the smaller units, as if somewhat perplexed by what he’s seeing… :smile:

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yea, why does he not look at himself. With his 4 ears. :smile:

This mod is a great idea :smiley:
I can’t wait to play it!

ME!!! I will eat you tiny block people!!!

What a great idea. It would be cool if Radiant used this as one of the planes that you can visit when they add alternate planes. One, small critique, The paw prints in the first screen look like they are raised above the surrounding ground instead of lower. Otherwise, this looks like an awesome mod. Hope radiant picks it up.

YES YOU!! :stuck_out_tongue: Make yourself and I will put you in.

Yea, this is just made in a very short time. I could raise the ground around the paw, Also gets rid of the flying ones.

Would the ground not be lowered as if stepped on?

Already done, When I get access to my computer in the morning I will send you the file

This is very awesome.
Keep it up…I’ll be watching.

A cool way to do it would be to lower the paw print but also give it a raised outline around it to represent the displaced dirt pushing up around the paw as the print is made.

The problem is you cant lower the ground. At least not without tinkering with the terrain generation. Which is beyond my reach.


This is an awesome mod, but could there be giant precious crystals??? 'Cause that’d be awesome. :smile:

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Miturion why do you make such good ideas just whyyyy me so jealous

Or maybe a precious thing attached to a ring that someone dropped (giant of course). It depends a bit on how the metals are introduced into the game.

Just watch the right movies I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


I uploaded the file on stonehearthkingdom.