Modding Ideas Thread

I figured this could help out later or now to inspire people, it’s just a place to share ideas you think could be cool for a mod or that you think could inspire someone to make a mod. They can just be minor things that work as a minor enhancement or bigger ideas, it’s just a place to share and collaborate on ideas that will hopefully spawn some good ones. I’ll start with a few as an example.

An attack cam thing. Whenever a new attack starts on a villager the camera will teleport to the villager who sighted it’s location at head height faced towards the threat for a second or two. It would work even better with a special sound effect or graphical effect but it could be cool. You’re directing some worker towards lumberjacking when suddenly the screen cuts to a bunch of wolves at charging towards you and barking before changing back to the lumberjacking. A kill cam ala Skyrim could be cool as well.

Animal totems to tame animals. After a certain amount of kills or something your hunter class or whatever could gain the ability to carve a totem of the animal that lets them tame/befriend/mind control one of them. Could mean that after a few wolf attacks for example you can control one of them to help keep watch for you or something.

Titanettes. Miniature versions of titans that favor swarming tactics, bonus points for making them clumsy and really small. I just think it could be amusing watching a horde of like 20 Qubulhu’s half the size of your villagers rushing out of a portal and attempting to attack you, or like 50 smurf sized ones. Beware of Smurfulhu!

this could also maybe be taken as a requests thread? If anyone has an idea and can’t make it happen than maybe a modder who is looking for a project can pick and choose?

General Mod:

Basically the idea is that there would be a army and a general. Obviously enemies because you are your general. How it would work is that instead of fighting a clump of unranked soliders or enemies it would add a element more to strategy and pre-planning.

If the general is taken out, the army flees to regroup… this would also be a good tactic for if you have better gear being made and it’s not ready. Of course if the army loses before the general is taken out, the general would flee and bring back stronger minion.

It’s a basic idea that can open up tons of possibilities

A requests thread sounds pretty similar to what I made this for. As for your idea @Pandemic it seems alright, a hero unit that causes them to lose if it dies and comes back stronger if it escapes. We’d need more info about modules or whatever they’re called and combat before we could really do anything though.

Two new ideas.

Sandbox mode: Just turn the game into an actual sandbox with them being miniature, titans are giant kids with shovels or stuff. Monsters can be stuff like ants or flies, for things like wood maybe tanbark or sticks that have ended up in there? There’s a fair few things you could do with it, plus it means we’d have the most unique sandbox mode out there.

Player mind screwing. The goal here is to do lots of subtle minor changes to irritate the player, could be integrated as the effects of something else in a mod. The idea would include stuff like slightly changing the villagers size, spawning or destroying trees near the edge of forests or the like. Changing names or parts of villages. Generally just tweaking things while they’re not looking to throw them off. Even something as simple as moving some commands to cut down trees over a few trees could do it. Maybe they’re pumpkin patch comes up with carrots one year. Plenty of things to do.

Definitely dig the animal totem idea…super cool. Attack cam idea is interesting, maybe a couple different cam ideas in a little pop up would be cool.

I have a post on adding a subtle expansion to Classes called Hobbies. Very early stages though, I’ll dig into specifics more as become more familar with character stats and such.

I would just like to pitch in here and mention that I plan on livestreaming the creation of simple (RP) mods. So if you have a simple idea, I might code it and you could be there every step of the way.

A simple mod would be something that requires none to minimal graphical stuff (read: no messing around with models, no 3D animations, but it would be possible to mess around with GUI design for example) and is focused on one or a few tasks (no total conversions, no systems that are absolutely not implemented yet).

So if you think you have such an idea, even now, give me a shout. The ideas so far don’t fit the requirements (based on stuff not even remotely implemented yet, the only halfway acceptable idea would be the screwing around one).