[MOD] Ballista turret - [Now on Steam Workshop]

huhu can i help you with the localization / i18n links? :smiley:


Ah, seems like you noticed that i only have direct names!

Yes, actually, i have no idea how it works

i wanted to translate it and have seen it :wink:

so i take it as a yes ^^

you have now 2 options:

  1. i make the links in your actuall version and send it then to you with a little explain
  2. i explain what you have to do xD

How about the mix of the two?
I better learn hiw to do it properly to make sure i can do it for future mods

So how about you add one or two localization… links? And an explenation so i can try it myself and make sure i learned it properly?

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Hyrule, I have no words. Again :wink:
Impressive seamless animation and no less impressive showcase with castle and stuff.

I have it done in the morning but there wasnt enough Time anymore for an test and explain Sooo this evening :wink:

It is actually really simple. It all starts (like everything else) at the manifest. Using this:
“default_locale”: “en”,
Will tell your mod where to look for the text. Now you need a folder at the mod root called locales, and a file in there called en.json

This file is structured like this:

			"display_name":"The name of your entity",
			"description":"The description of your entity"
			"description":"Powerful weapon.",
			"other_text":"Something else you need"
	"data": {
		"something": {
			"some_data": "random_data"

You see? You store every text you need in your mod using a structure like that. Then you can grab it in other files using this:

So for your balista name and description at the entity_data, it would look like this (according with the above file)

   "entity_data": {
      "stonehearth:catalog": {
         "display_name": "i18n(balista:entities.ballista.display_name)",
         "description": "i18n(balista:entities.ballista.description)",

I know Radiant had some way of automating that but I don’t remember if they ever actually released it. I’m guessing they didn’t?

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Whoops. We did, but you need to have some things first. With SHED you can do the localization more faster, although you need to first compile SHED and then make sure that you have Python 2.7 installed.

What is tedious to do by hand is editing the localization. Adding it, as long as you do it at the same time you are adjusting your json files, is not so tiring (unless your en.json is already hundreds of lines long :disappointed_relieved:).


… i remember the start of my localization ^^ every file i have changed manually, because there wasnt any i18n links xDDD and then i have compared every file - sooo yes its much todo BUT very much less then without i18n lins xDDD


MY GOD 1K Clicks?

Hi there!
Symbol here

apparently the download link in the OP has reached 1K clicks?
i was notified with a badge for that

i will admit, i almost forgot about Localizing the mod, but that badge reminded me of it!

i’ll be spending a lot of time tomorrow trying to localize the mod, among other things (tutorial comes first if available)

BUUUT as a token of appreciation, here’s some models and animations i’ve worked on for the past couple of… years (man, that’s slow progress right there)


And meet the Sylph!
the Air Elemental


(thanks to @malley for his critique!, his advice made them undoubtedly better)

hopefully we can see them sooner than later, but i’ll likely be slow

Anyways thanks everyone for the 1K clicks for whatever it’s worth, and i’ll see you guys next time, hopefully with a localized Ballista mod

Symbol Out!


wow Symbol! they are gourgerous! Do you have any plans with these?


STOP MAKING US LOOK BAD! :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, you better make then be bosses with all those work and multiple animations!!!

Oh, and the first animation for the air girl could very well fit into other hearthlings too.


Yes! They are for my ‘Currently Dormant’ Mythical creatures mod, which i will likely rename the mod is currently broken, and it’s changing a lot (and taking a lot of time, but hopefully it’ll be good!

Oh, yeah, they’re actually the main Cas- um, side characters…

Probably would, but she has a lot more parts than they do, (and also no Toe currently)

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Congrats on 1K!

That is some amazing work! Thank you so much for sharing : ) ! The flapping wings of the air elemental really look nice : ).


Blown away by the amazing work ya put into these!!! Thank you so much for sharing and congrats on the views. So excited to see these in game someday!! :jubilant:

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Not in Hard mode, besides it is a end game machine, and it is an immovable entity~ And enemy still manage to kill my people.

Thees turrets(and turrets in general in this game) are not meant to stop entire raids on their own, they are soft and immobile, making them easy targets

The turrets are helpful, but it has a basis that you have a strong enough army to take down the enemies that the turrets soften up.

this Balista in particular is meant to actually kill one or two enemies by themselves but they are slow-firing, so you need an army that can either take them down once they’re shot a few times, or tank the enemies until the turrets can take them down, otherwise the enemy will reach the soft balista’s and tear the to sreads, and they are meant to be too expensive to be disposable

My suggestion would to have a wall around your town with either non or one-two entrances so you can focus your defenses



the mod is now localized!
(thanks to @Wiese2007 for helping me on this!)

The Mod should now be compatible with translation mods

i am looking into making the turret reloaded with items, i think it’s a little closer? , but not sure

the updated mod should be in the OP

Symbol Out!


added to german translation ^^ and just for info you have packed it doubled :wink:

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