MOD - Anórien Biome


I use version 18.0, 3116.


A18-3116 (x64) adding characters cause it wants more then A18-3116 (x64) :slight_smile:


Thanks again for letting me know! (=
I don’t know what could be causing it at the moment though.
Thinking it might be location dependent, when "random_location_names" chooses between Mindolluin, Ered Nimrais or Anduin.

-I’ll look into it ^^


Yes, I will add more to the mountains and hills!! ^^
Have been looking at this for a while;

Painting by Ted Nasmith


ok this shouldnt give such probs ^^ at first @Heureka and @Unatan2 do you use old saves or have you generate complete new worlds?

can you give me a savegame where this issues appear so i can check the infos with me debugtools xD

also @Vargbane you havent add model orange2 :wink: and why do you have a sapling into it? and in the manifest is a call for a script which not exist xD


Aha! The orange oaks! I totally missed that! ^^)

Hmm, about the sapling…
I first tried to add autumn saplings, but that didn’t feel right.
So I was thinking if there is a way for regular oak saplings to grow in the autumn colors?


just override the original oak tree in the manifest - i will look into it to ^^ but first the harvest issue xD

ok first issue what i see on fist try - its all the same tree size and if i select them they dont give some infos - like this is an oak tree ^^


I started mine yesterday.
I do not know witch file you want, i can zip latest autosave, but do not know where to send it…


ok when its a fresh start - this info is all i need ^^ thx!


ok first issue fixed - names will be shown now - i dont know why but the trees were not into a18 style … this could give the issue :wink: so next issue why there only spawn small oak trees xD

ok do you want this because its set to only single spawn not dense?


perhaps a little to much? xD


@Wiese your magnificent!

Your help is indeed warmly welcomed! :smile:

Strange, I must have created some form of ‘feature’ along the way ^^
The trees spawned good before, but I see the problem now.


ok this looks better or still to much large trees?


Naah, a bit maybe ^^ hehe


This looks good! :smiley:

Oaks near the foothills, and riverbanks, that’s perfect! ^^


Is this fixed? the not being able to chop down trees?


should be ^^ but i dont know if you need a new world or if it will update the trees in an old savegame ^^


Right now during the Alpha stages, once I run into a bug that stops my game I start a new map or if I remove some area I didn’t mean to and can’t patch it :slight_smile:


so with the new version 3.24 and a new world it happens again?


@Heureka @Unatan2

Does the biome work better now? (=