MOD - Anórien Biome


Started a new one with latest mod-download, worked fine until i saved and exit game.
When i started and loaded it was same, small trees, and not able to cut them…

I got a few big trees in the fow, and 3 big ones standing at the water, that still can be cut…
All others are small and ignored.


I seem to have some weirdness going on, although this particular map wasn’t Anorien, the color trees seem to leak into the default map, those are trees the hearthlings grew and planted on the roof of their rock home.


That with the tree grow is known and will be fixed later - needed scripts xD


can you tell me which mods you have installed? i cant reproduce the issue -.- perhaps can you upload your save from the save_game folder?


Only mods I use (other then biome one) is the Slabs with terrain colors mod, easy mode mod, and the Debugtools.

It may be that I had started a game in the Anorien biome but I made error in mining away part of a construction so I exited to main menu and started this game all without ever stopping Stonehearth (Didn’t exit to desktop).

Not really complaining about it, was just shocked to see color where it wasn’t expected.


^^ thx for the info - if you get the error with the harvest in the anorienbiome again - please tell me :smiley:

its a little bit tricky with the sapplings for this he needs a script that only activate the mixin when the biome is active - but he will contact a coder for this - so that it shouldnt happen again in other version xD


My installed mods.


If you give me a address, i can send the zipped savemap.


Started a new, cut down some trees, saved and exit game.
Started it again and they ignore the trees…
Have sent you the zipped savemap.


ok looks like its a issue with a new feature - auto update adjacent xD so after reload the system doest something wrong so the hearthlings doenst know where they can stand to harvest them xDDD


and @Heureka does it work now with the sended version?


Downloaded the one in first post (supposed it was the one you meant).

Did the same, started new and saved it, still no reaction.


i have send you at testversion via email xD


Oh, ok, i check…


Yes, worked with latest save :slight_smile:
And the trees are different size to.

Sorry i did not check mail…

Tried a few earlier saves, work fine to.


Hi folks!

A new release is available for this biome!
You all might have noticed that there has been some MAJOR issues with the oak trees,
(Placement, variations, un-harvestable oaks, and such…)

These issues have now been corrected, thanks to @Wiese2007 :smile:
Thank you BIG-time!

And a huge thanks to @Unatan2 and @Heureka for helping out with bug-reports and feedback! :smiley:

*Note: For the time being, the sapling override will affect other MOD’s


I apologize for replying so late!
The time I spend on modding has been and will be very irregular.
Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Hey dude, I was just wondering if you will ever add rivers? Is it even possible?


For some reason just having Anorien biome mod in the mod folder causes any tree my farmers grow to turn out colored other then green, still :slight_smile:
This game was started fresh without loading Anorien at all today, lower right is my orchard.


already informed some posts before :wink:


Why have the crops change color? If someone go there with Rayya’s they will have a different tree anyway, so I don’t see a problem with Ascendancy having green oaks here.