MOD - Anórien Biome


Here is one of my towns with this mod.


I have created a new Homepage with some interesting World Seeds– Check it out! SH World Seeds :slight_smile:


Hello! ^^

I uploaded a new version of the Anórien Biome today.
Now including the Autumn trees, More Berry Bushes, and Silkweed :+1:
And the storyboard art now works for hard mode.

There are also some changes to the Biome it self.
-More Mining Loot Rescources, some shape-changes to the Foothills and the Mountains.
So old seeds will probably not work properly.

I hope you like it (=


Love how colorful everything is! I always kinda didnt like how stonehearth had gloomy colors, in a way. Love how it is brightened up


Thank you!

Yes, it gives the biome a whole different mood :slight_smile:

Glad you like it!


Will there be an update for Alpha 18 build 3109 compatibility? I checked to see if just changing the version number to 3 would work, it did not.


for a18 there is a little bit more needed as just only v3 :wink: i have imformed him xD


Yes there will! ^^

Thanks to @Wiese2007!
I should be able to release it within a few hours or less :smiley:


Waiting with breathless anticipation :slight_smile: I like this biome :smile:


I have not been able to run @froggy’s farming mod with Anorien Biomes mod i keep getting this error and then when i click on my plots i can not plant anything


Thank you for letting me know!

Are you running Alpha 18?
Current version only works with Alpha 17.

Update for A18 coming soon! (It has been a bit delayed)
I hope it will fix this (=


first 610 is a17 second actual version from froggy only works with a18 ^^


Anórien Biome is now compatible with A18!
Thank you again @Wiese2007! ^^


@Unatan2 Glad to hear it! :smiley:


Beautiful Mod!!

I made a personnal Summer version :slight_smile:


@Subio Cool! B)
And thank you! ^^
I have been thinking about releasing a parallel or an alternative version with the ordinary trees :upside_down:


Summer is back in Anorén!
Now there is an choice between a Autumn and Summer version.
@Subio :wink:
It’s only the autumn oaks that has been replaced in the ‘s’-version.
So there is no difference in the Biome itself ^^


Seems to be a bug with chopping trees, highlighted the 4 you see in the image and the “workers” by the campfire ignore them, been 2 gamedays, highlighted more behind the 4 and still they ignore them.

When I started this map the whole level the workers are standing on were full of the same type of trees, off beyond the image to the right a goblin camp popped up and they attacked, cleared them out and after that no trees off in that direction can be chopped now, I highlighted the whole field, no joy, they are woodless :cry:


Lovely mod :slight_smile:
Only one problem, after an hour into the game, i cant cut down the trees anymore…
The trees have the harvest-sign over them, but they are just ignored…

The pine-trees in the hills work fine to cut.


@Heureka @Unatan2
Thank you for your feedback! (=

-Had to the same problem once, thought it was because of an old save previous, before A18.
I’ll see what I can do, what version of SH are you guys using?