MOD - Anórien Biome


Are the new trees in the mod folder already? I.e. did you make an update?


Hi! (=

No, they are not released yet. /=
I want to get a good balance first, so the next update will probably not include them.

I’ll post new info on this subject soon :slight_smile: :+1:


Will the trees require a fresh map or will previous saves be affected. I am thinking a new map.

Luckly I am running the cookmod so I am supplemented with wild strawberry and blueberry patches until I get my farms rolling. thanks @Froggy


Sorry I have been corrected on this, its the brewerymod that adds the wild strawberry and blueberry patches. Since they both work so well together I get them confused.



I would think that the earlier saves should work fine, though if autumn comes to Anórien, it will only do so on new world seeds.
-A really good question actually, I must try it out (=


Another question. Apparently there is a new scenario in the base game that has Ents come ask you for wood. I have not had that scenario occur on this map and I must say that I don’t think I have even seen and Ent. I wonder if there is a certain terrain layer associated with them that may not be appearing or at least not often appearing in this biome.


nope that has nothing todo with the biome ^^ you must harvest lots of wood so that you get 3000 ressources … soo thats very late ingame (if you can reach this with the invlimit xD)


Anything above 800-1200 wood resources :wink:


Ok @Linda answered the question, triggers every 10 days if you have 800-1200 wood

While I chop a lot of trees I am constantly using it up, so I never get over 600 or so.


This is probably my favorite biome mod to date honestly. I really like the terrain generated, I would like to see maybe a smaller elevation like a mid between the vanilla cliffs and the ground plain. I think the subtle incline would add more.

Really love how its turning out :slight_smile:


Hi @Pandemic ! :slight_smile:

Thank you -I’m very grateful to hear it!
The positive feedback means allot ^^

I’m sorry for the delayed response (been a tough week).

Hmm, -I like the elevation, though I can absolutely agree it could be fine tuned :slight_smile:
-Love your art and creations!


I’m working on the update, and my mind is bent on the Autumn theme.
-What do you guys think? ^^

Here is a sneak-peek :wink:

Still, much left to do though, there will be allot more trees and plants.
And the landscape might get some fine-tuning, but not for now.

(So your current Game-Saves will most likely still work fine :ok_hand: )


The colourscheme is very pleasing to the eye! Im sure Rok will find great pleasure in wandering the forest :wink:


How about different color pine trees? :grin:
(If pine trees don’t change during the autumn then don’t add my suggestion, too lazy to google stuff)


pine tree’s are evergreens, so they don’t change color’s unless they die :wink:


I love it! I’m thinking the grass should be a bit yellower maybe to match the trees, what do you think?


The color of the grass is fine, but it could use a bit more saturation.


Thank you all for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it!
-I have attempted to emulate the feel of an early autumn ^^

As @8BitCrab said, -green all year long (=

I’m pretty pleased with this color scheme for the grass, it’s calm and I feel it makes the oak’s stand out more? :nerd:

I can look over the colors though, -the foothills might need a touch-up :slight_smile::+1:


Yeah, I like the color as-is but I was just offering an alternative to @Wharp’s suggestion in case you wanted to adjust it.



Okay, thanks :slight_smile: