MOD - Anórien Biome


Thank you!
-I apologize for the late reply, I have some time now to look in to it :microscope:
Though, I’m not sure what causes it yet… :slight_smile:


Great! -Thanks @Kittyodoom! :smiley:

I haven’t had much game-time lately :sweat: so I appreciate the feedback.
I’ll look over the resources ^^ :+1:


I’m glad to hear it! :heart: -The SH community contributes a lot! (=


Thank you @Wiese2007 ! -I’ll look it over :smiley: :+1:


About this bit of adding trees, -How can I add custom trees without using any overrides, anyone? :sweat: :slight_smile:

For me, Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year.

Above: Original TR Oak Tree models, re-colored by me.
This is neither a DL or a MOD, this is only a reference image of some colors I think would go well with an autumn-theme ^^

Here are the Autumn Colors I used for these trees ^^
Autumn Colors (Voxel Palette v.a001).qb (10.8 KB)


though i don’t know how to add custom tree’s, just wanted to say that those look beautiful!


Thank you @8BitCrab!

-I tried to make it work, but it’s beyond my skill-level at this point ^^


First you need the models with those colors, with all the json necessary to it too. (just copy from the default trees and replace the model)

At the tree generation, you will add those trees, the same way the biome does with oaks or pines.

     "stonehearth:trees:oak:small": {
        "placement_type": "dense",
        "parameters": {
           "grid_multiple": 2,
           "item_density": 0.5,
           "exclusion_radius": 2
     "anorien_biome:trees:oak_autumn_red:small": {
        "placement_type": "dense",
        "parameters": {
           "grid_multiple": 2,
           "item_density": 0.5,
           "exclusion_radius": 2


Thank You!

Yes, -it’s the .json bit i that I think is the problem =/
The trees are in the entities folder, and code added to the manifest.json, also to the anorien.json in the data folder.

But nothing happens?
I’m firing code everywhere, and no hits ^^
-Double checking now to see if any strings are miss-spelled…


I think I may owe you an apology, I am running the tuhula mod that adds marble as a resource. The mod has information for temperate, desert and artic biomes in its data file. the red ore veins (apparently a default color when the resource is undefined) can be seen in one of my previous pictures in this post is not present in the desert or temperate maps. This may be the cause of the hash not being found.


so you have done new aliases for your new trees in the manifest and then add something like this example in the biome file?

“anorien_biome:trees:oak_autumn_red:small”: {
“placement_type”: “dense”,
“parameters”: {
“grid_multiple”: 2,
“item_density”: 0.5,
“exclusion_radius”: 2



Yes, -I added one model but the MOD doesn’t seem to find it? :worried:
No error message, and that’s a bad sign lol ^^


   "aliases": {
      "trees:oak:ancient_oak_autumn_red"   : "file(entities/trees/oak_tree/ancient_oak_autumn_red)"


   "landscape": {
      "placement_table": {
         "anorien_biome:trees:oak:ancient_oak_autumn_red01": {
            "placement_type": "dense",
            "parameters": {
               "grid_multiple": 2,
               "item_density": 0.8,
               "exclusion_radius": 2


   "mixins": "stonehearth:mixins:tree",
   "type": "entity",
   "components": {
      "model_variants": {
         "default": {

      "unit_info": {
         "display_name": "i18n(anorien_biome:entities.trees.oak_tree.ancient_oak_autumn_red.display_name)",
         "description": "i18n(anorien_biome:entities.trees.oak_tree.ancient_oak_autumn_red.description)"
      "stonehearth:resource_node": {
         "resource": "stonehearth:resources:wood:oak_log",
         "durability": 9
      "mob": {
         "model_origin": { "x": -0.5, "y": 0, "z": 0.5 },
         "region_origin": { "x": 0.5, "y": 0, "z": 0.5 },
         "align_to_grid": [
      "destination": {
         "region": [
               "min": { "x": -2, "y": 0, "z": -2 },
               "max": { "x": 3, "y": 1, "z": 3 }
      "region_collision_shape": {
         "region": [
               "min": { "x": -4, "y": 0, "z": -4 },
               "max": { "x": 5, "y": 24, "z": 5 }


You aliased it as trees:oak:ancient_oak_autumn_red, but is calling for a anorien_biome:trees:oak:ancient_oak_autumn_red01


I fixed it, -forgot that the enteties main json file decides the model variations :+1:

-I have missed something else, the Oaks won’t show up… =/


Try to group them in pairs, for each oak in your code, make sure there is also the a red variant. Then you just adjust the weights for each.


Ah! -I’ve only tested one at a time until now (been too focused on the code) ^^D
I will continue tomorrow, -I guess I’ll call it a day for now.
Thank you again for all the help, I’m very grateful :slight_smile:



Sleep fail ^^
2 hours left until I have to go up, and my head is filled with SH-code.
So who am I kidding, and sleep is overrated anyway :innocent:


@BrunoSupremo, @Wiese2007
Thanks to the community here, I managed to get the custom trees to load into the biome :sweat_smile:

Okay, -Not a serious image really, -I just want to show that I got it to work Yay!! ^^

Re-Colored TR Original Oak Trees.


Looks great! Still missing berry bushes though :slight_smile:


Thank you @blackelv ^^
Hopefully I can update it this week
And I’ll look over the wild silkweed to (=