[MOD][Alpha24+ / Beta] Specialized loadouts

This is a small mod I made to add extra load-outs for people who, from the start, want to specialize their village.
This adds the following loadouts:

Since these load-outs provide high-end items, they do not add any food or gold to balance giving these items out at the start (you will still get the baskets with food from the welcome message).

Steam link:

Download link for alpha 24+ stable:

Download link for beta unstable:

For anyone doing translations, or just wanting to use this mod as an example to mod in their own load-outs, feel free to use anything from this mod. Also big thanks to @dalabo for helping with fixing the scrolling bar issue in an older version of this mod.


Hi @tim1!
Finally someone extended the loadouts since the system has been released.

I’m the author of Traditional Chinese translation mod, and I would like to translate this mod if you don’t mind.

Mentioned the known issue, I figured out a solution by modifying the loadout_screen.less under stonehearth/ui/shell/loadout_screen/ for current game version.

change #loadoutsList to:

   #loadoutsList {
      left: 90px;
      top: 200px;
      width: 980px;
      height: 700px;
      overflow-y: scroll;
      overflow-x: hidden;

And, change .loadoutRowSelectable to:

.loadoutRowSelectable {
      padding: 10px;
      width: 900px;
      margin-top: 20px;
      margin-left: 20px;
      background-color: @lightBrownColor;

Finally, you will get a loadout list with a scroll bar! So you can add more loadouts with no worry. :jubilant:


Thank you very much, updated the original post, including this fix. For anyone who wants to do translations for this mod, feel free. Also, any other modders also wanting to add loadouts, feel free to use parts of this mod as an examle/copy for the ui fix.


Hi @tim1, I found the frame of the selected loadout will be cut a little.

Change margin-bottom: 20px; to margin-left: 20px; in .loadoutRowSelectable can fix this.


@dalabo Thanks again

Updated download link at top with the small ui fix

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thank you!

can you think of any more?

New update: Added 2 extra loadouts aimed at Raya’s children and creative mode.

Download link at first post.

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while i appreciate having the loadouts in the original version i feel like this new update might unbalance the game a bit. I’d recommend removing the Mason tool from the Architect toolbox because you can easily get it with the potter in the first place.


The thing with balancing out the loadouts is that it is very personal. From a survival gaming perspective, the architect loadout is severely underpowered since it does not give any method to defend yourself and does not provide a source of food, while the cleric loadout is extremely overpowered by enabling you to get a cleric in a few days. This is the complete opposite when preferring progression in building above progression in military or food supply line. In this case, the architect loadout is clearly extremely superior, enabling most of the decorations (especially true for raya where the carpenter is the most end game profession) and providing a ton of materials to get your village building. the cleric setup provides nothing to even create a door, thus can be considered underpowered.

The goal of the architect loadout, when I play, to enable wooden furniture for rayas children (mainly considering the mods adding some really cool furniture and storage options) while enabling the clay roof styles for the ascendancy. It seems that I grow bored of placing clay pots as storage for everything until I get a carpenter.

The Nomad loadout serves to reduce the luck factor for rayas children, where you could die of starvation or could be killed before a merchant with wooden swords came by.

Also updated the mod slightly, since providing 2 swords and a bow might be a bit too much compared to the other base game loadouts.


Glad someone is exploring this space. :smiley:


Hi Tim!

I would like to adapt your “Metal Masters” loadout for my Miner mod, exchanging the Footman with the Miner. I think it adds more early-game challenge, and Blacksmith and Miner harmonize with one another quite well.

Could I use this, please?


Yeah, go ahead. As stated in the first post, anyone is free to copy or reuse anything from this mod for their own mods.


Currently trying to update this mod, since the addition of the “ordinal” field in the newest release seems to have broken it. However, I’ve run into a small problem.

  • Not having this field breaks the loadout screen (not able to select anything).
  • Having this field continue from where the original numbering ends (4+) results in incorrect items being selected and multiple items being selected when clicking on another thing.
  • Having numbering repeat results in multiple items being selected with a single click (seems problematic to have this occur when several mods use the same numbering).

example of selecting with ascending numbering:

Clicked on prevent and protect (also shown on left), gives info of warm welcome (on right), and also selected food for days at the same time.

Any advice on the use of this ordinal field, or how to fix this would be appreciated.
Non working mod (steam version): 1360030491.zip (2.4 MB)

ah, so that explains what caused stonehearth caffe breaking this screen!

Sorry about that! We originally switched to a more customizable loadout setup to support different loadouts for the upcoming Northern Alliance feature, but then I partially reverted that to try to keep mod compatibility. Clearly that wasn’t sufficient. Since it’s broken at this point, I will switch it to our original more customizable setup and will post a topic in the modding section tomorrow explaining the changes required for it to work in the next release (pushed next week).


Thanks for the quick reply

Max, if you are going to change it, could the json be changed to use a table instead of array?
From this:

   "loadouts": [

To this:

   "loadouts": {

With this proposed change, it would be possible to target existing loadouts and edit those through mixintos


That’s exactly the change.


Updated the top post to include working versions for the stable alpha and unstable beta. Will update steam once the loadout changes go to stable, since I presume most people on steam use the stable version.

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