[MOD][All Versions] EndPieces 1.09 A20 Update

Heyho at the Moment you Mod only Support english :wink:

For this Radiant enabled l18n Support so you can link the description and the Display Name to an externen File like en.json also they have make it possible to change the languages so that the Mod use other language if they exist (default_locale).

You can See it for Example in the rayya Mod.

edit: at first you must add “default_locale”: “en”, at the start of the manifest.json. then must create a folder locales and add a file en.json.

then for example you change the info of the name like the fence-cpiece to i18n(endpieces:entities.construction.fence_cpiece_ghost.display_name) and add it to the en.json.

it will look like:

“entities”: {
“construction”: {
“fence_cpiece” : {
“display_name” : “Picket Fence ‘C’ Piece”,
“description” : “If it’s not white, is our life unfulfilled?”


Oh I see,

Yes I’ll definitely put that on my todo list, I’ve free after Christmas so I’ll have a look into it then.


Updates with Locales Support, if you would like to translate this mod please use this locales file and reply to this thread.

{ "recipes": { "fence_cpiece_recipe": { "recipe_name": "Corner Piece", "description": "Where bad Earthlings are sent.", "flavor": "What" }, "fence_epiece_recipe": { "recipe_name": "End Post", "description": "A sad end to a great post.", "flavor": "Does" }, "fence_expiece_recipe": { "recipe_name": "Extender Piece", "description": "#AllSizesMatter", "flavor": "The" }, "fence_ppiece_recipe": { "recipe_name": "Single Post", "description": "Nothing Special", "flavor": "Fox" }, "fence_spiece_recipe": { "recipe_name": "Stair Piece", "description": "Going Up...", "flavor": "Say?" }, "fence_tpiece_recipe": { "recipe_name": "T-Junction Connection", "description": "Look both ways.", "flavor": "..." }, "fence_xpiece_recipe": { "recipe_name": "Cross Junction Connection", "description": "X Marks the Spot!", "flavor": "Well...?" }, "wall_cpiece_recipe": { "recipe_name": "Corner Piece", "description": "Where bad Earthlings are sent.", "flavor": "Did you hear about that mummy..." }, "wall_epiece_recipe": { "recipe_name": "Wall End", "description": "A sad end to a great wall.", "flavor": "...They found covered in Hazelnut..." }, "wall_ppiece_recipe": { "recipe_name": "Single Wall Piece", "description": "Why did I create this model?", "flavor": "...and Chocolate?" }, "wall_tpiece_recipe": { "recipe_name": "T-Junction Connection", "description": "Look both ways.", "flavor": "They're calling him..." }, "wall_xpiece_recipe": { "recipe_name": "Cross Junction Connection", "description": "X Marks the forget it.", "flavor": "...Pharoah Rocher." } }, "entities": { "construction": { "fence_cpiece_ghost": { "description": "Where bad Earthlings are sent.", "name": "Corner Piece" }, "fence_epiece_ghost": { "description": "A sad end to a great post.", "name": "End Post" }, "fence_expiece_ghost": { "description": "#AllSizesMatter", "name": "Extender Piece" }, "fence_ppiece_ghost": { "description": "Nothing Special", "name": "Single Post" }, "fence_spiece_ghost": { "description": "Going Up...", "name": "Stair Piece" }, "fence_tpiece_ghost": { "description": "Look both ways.", "name": "T-Junction Connection" }, "fence_xpiece_ghost": { "description": "X Marks the Spot!", "name": "Cross Junction Connection" }, "wall_cpiece_ghost": { "description": "Where bad Earthlings are sent.", "name": "Corner Piece" }, "wall_epiece_ghost": { "description": "A sad end to a great wall.", "name": "Wall End" }, "wall_ppiece_ghost": { "description": "Why did I create this piece?", "name": "Single Wall Piece" }, "wall_tpiece_ghost": { "description": "Look both ways.", "name": "T-Junction Connection" }, "wall_xpiece_ghost": { "description": "X Marks the forget it.", "name": "Cross Junction Connection" } } } }


Your Flavor are really bad :joy:

What does the fox say?
What the fox say
What the fox say
What the fox say


It’s a lot better than “tastes like wood.” :laughing:


ok looks like the trader wants to know if it sellable ^^

@TomMartow Fix on Github should be working :wink: and not added locales (German) added locales (Multilingual) - i have make it so that everyone can add there languages :wink:

Your commits made me laugh, fix fix fix wrong file wrong file wrong file :laughing:

Going to test it later then upload the changes.

that happens when your child disturb you xD i have test it and no errors … at the moment i look at it so that it can be sellable ^^

edit: i dont find the way ^^

I’m sure I can remember having the fence pieces showing up in the Sell menu for merchants, now they don’t even show up.


Update has been pushed anyway which should hopefully resolve the error.

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I have updated the mod with two new pieces and also fixed an issue where the models were being crafted without the workbench.

I have created the 10 Piece Wall and 10 Piece Fence. It basically 10 fence/wall models stuck next to each other to allow easier placement of long fences/walls. I don’t know why I didn’t start with this and build upon it. Oh well.

@Wiese2007 you have some more translating to do :laughing:

I also have some more plans for this mod that I will get done tomorrow.

To my fellow modders

Could someone explain how I can direct the iconic file path to a model already in Stonehearths file structure please?

For example I want this


To path to the actual picket fence from Stonehearths file structure. I’ve tried about 4 different ways of doing it and it’s not working at all.


should be file(/stonehearth/entities/construction/picket_fence/picket_fence_iconic.json)

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Unfortunately, there is still an invisible model when doing so:

	"mixins" : "stonehearth:mixins:item_properties",
	"type" : "entity",
	"components" : {
		"item" : {
			"category" : "construction"
		"model_variants" : {
			"default" : {
				"models" : [
		"mob" : {
			"model_origin" : {
				"x" : 0,
				"y" : 0,
				"z" : 0.05

I have also tried linking it straight to the .qb with no sucess.

Ok my failure without the First /… So stonehearth/…

I will test it when im Home :wink:

Nope, that didn’t work either. :confused:

@Wiese2007 almost got it. Just remove file and you’re all set (so it looks like "stonehearth/entities/construction/picket_fence/picket_fence_iconic.json").

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Got it working with the .qb path. Is there any specific reason why you should use the json?

Oh, I just copied the file path without thinking about the file ending. You should use .qb.


So after playing around with this mod a bit more I realized the collisions and regional placing of the pieces were totally out. Somewhere along the lines the dev’s must have changed something because I had it working in the previous alphas.

Anyhow, everything should be perfect now. I’ve even completed a little side project mod that you can install and have fun with.

Tell me if there are any problems.


Nice work matey! can’t wait to see whats next.