Fence endpieces in game

I know there already is @TomMartow 's EndPieces Mod out there, but to implement that mod into the game, comes with the drawback of having 8 different fences, instead of just one, which for a mod, is fine, but for the game, is less so.

I would like to suggest a solution for that.
Instead of 8 different items, you only have one, the normal fence, but it can have different models (forms).
To change forms you:

  1. place down a fence
  2. wait until a hearthling obeys your order
  3. click on the fence
  4. see the bar of buttons saying (move item - undeploy item) and click on the new button (-change form).
  5. see a ghost model appear as if you where placing the item down
  6. cycle through the models until you see the right one.
  7. wait until a carpenter comes over and does the modifications (crafting animation) to the fence.
  8. see the fence change in the form you need.

Hi mate,

The developers have mentioned this before and their plans are to create a fence tool which would make creating fences seamless.


Why not make the fences work more like a minecraft fence. A fence by itself is just a pool until you put another next to it then ether it connects automatically or you would connect the 2 fences together manually


The reason I came up with this one (instead of suggesting the minecraft-style, cuz I have thought about that), is that then the game doesn’t have to assume which form of thee fence you want. If you place two fences next to eachother in minecraft, they join. With this system, in Stonehearth, you can make it so they don’t.


Perhaps the weirdest thing about Stonehearth’s fences is that they’re longer than one block. They’re half a block of bars, a block for the post, and another half block of bars. This means that one fence by itself is in three blocks, and in a line of fences there’s generally a post every other block [though it seems you can move them closer.] So it’s actually kind of hard to get a fence to be just the right length.

Simplifying them would make it much easier to code a nice fence tool or to have them connect like Minecraft or to add certain pieces, but it might take away a bit of the style we’re so used to.

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