Is there really no fence tool?

I’m sure I used to see a fence tool in the new building editor, but I tried the 1.0 release and it had been removed completely. If you create a template of just fences, you can not place that or the hearthlings won’t build it. This brings me back to my original question; Is there really no fence tool in the final release? This is such a basic thing to have and to not see it in the game is really disappointing. If you want to build a bigger fence for a pen, or something similar, you have to place each individual post. There have been desktop Tuesdays that mentioned the fence tool and various devstreams and now it’s just not in. This is the same thing as the mining tool to get stairs. It was shown in devstreams, but in the final product we have to mine out the individual blocks.

Guess it’s to be expected. But hey, modders can add that in.

no, there is isnt, sadly, but malley did make post and smaller fence to make up for it, so you dont get awkward fencing. Hopefully us modders can make a fence tool later, but for now that what we have

tip: just make a road line of 6 or more, and place fence on it, save the template and u can place them next to each other, it cuts half the time down, and you can change it how ever you want


I really wish there was. Outdoors using fences is easy but if you want to use them for a balcony it gets tricky and if you want to use them for a fancy staircase it gets impossible. Not to mention there’s only a plain wooden fence suitable for things like farms.

What kind of fences/balconies would you like?
I could give an attempt to make some models if you have reference images / pictures :slight_smile:

It’s no fence tool (my skills are NOWHERE near that, sadly), but maybe it can tide you over in the mean time?

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Ah, I found a mod today called ‘Endpieces’ which added some fence pieces which enables them to look decent and even pretty depending on the building style. this is the picture through which I found it and it shows one of the added fence pieces used on a staircase. This works perfectly for wooden structures you’d expect in the regular medieval fantasy town so it is good enough for me. But if you would enjoy working on something like that I suppose something for fancier structures would be cool! Fences with a bit more decoration/detail like this or even with pretty curvaceous patterns like this

Btw I saw some of your mods on the steam workshop and I already asked this in one of them but I was wondering whether it’s compatible with the mod ‘Hearthlings of Many Faces’

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Strange, I think I missed that comment somehow (unless it’s on the main Locks of Many Hair - I’m only a contributor so I don’t get notifications);

YES! It’s compatible, and highly encouraged :slight_smile:

(ah, it is; just found it. will reply there, too, for those who use steam but not discourse :slight_smile: )

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Ahhh yeah it was on the main Locks of Many Hair ^^
Great now I’ll get to make all the pretty dolls c:<

A fence tool itself should be pretty easy to do, especially if we’re either talking about straight lines or simple squares. If you want to get fancy, you could also use something like Frostfeast’s shapeshifter to have just one fence item that adjusts its model according to the surrounding fences. You’d need… five or so models? One for each variation (end, through, corner, 3-way-corner, 4-way-corner). The rest could be done using rotations and mirroring, I think.

Pretty sure that is true, but still remains undone thus far. We have nobody in the ACE group to make it up either as far as I am aware.

It’s on one of the ACE design board cards, but hasn’t made its way onto the main board yet.