We(I) need half fences

As you can see, the fences do not connect properly.
It is not that big of a problem BUT a really annoying eyesore for me.

A half fence or something else that would connect those fences would be awesome.


you can overlap parts of fences in ghost form; place a fence, pause, and then place another fence ontop of the other one

I have heard they plan to redo how fences get placed, but won’t be available until alpha 13 or later. Something along the lines of dragging out a whole line of fence posts at a time.

I personally hope fences are built somewhat like walls, where the carpenter might build a ‘fence bundle’ that a worker uses up on a long stretch of fence. Keeps you needing a carpenter to build fences but removes most of the back and forth walking for the workers.


Nope, this won’t work for me with the current build.
They place one fence, on the ghost fence place and the other, not on the ghost fence place but infront of it. :confused:

Sounds like a suggestion Idea :smile:

In the last Stream i habe asked this and Tony has said that the dont make a new fencesystem

Hmm, guess they changed it. Maybe try placing a tower brazier in front of it to cover it up lol

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If i remember there was a Mod with other fences - but i dont find it anymore … so i cant say if it still works :wink:

edit: ok i have found it but im not home so i cant test it - but it looks like it should work [MOD][All Versions] EndPieces 1.09 A20 Update