[Mod] (A20) The Bastioneers! More Dangerous (and Mod-Friendly) Than Ever! Help me test for A20!


Oh thanks for the report! :slight_smile: I’ll push an update just for you, I found and fixed a few other bugs as well.


Woop, thanks for the fix, working like a charm now.


oh no! I didn’t even see your edit! I’m sorry it took so long for me to update! :cry:


“I’m a teddy bear now! Can I have lots of hugs, and mebbe a day off?”

“And I have a flower bonnet! Huh? Flower pot? Same thing, right?”


… You’re gonna make your mod compatible with the Bastinioneers arent you?
Aaarn’t youuuuu???


Eeep! I’m only an artist, I have no idea how to do that kind of thing! :crying_cat_face:

I was just playing a game with them and got into an artsy mood, and… well, see above? :laughing:

-hides behind @Wiese2007 and @Wharp-


Aww… That would’ve been awesome…

Still adorable tho!


Note to self; fan art in own thread and tag author of mod that inspired said art in the future -sagely nod-

That being said, am loving the Bastioneers in all their colourfulness, @Wharp!


i think the best would be to give wharp the qbfiles … it would be to much work to add them to our mod just for bastioneers xD

he can add the files and mention you in the description xD


Presuming he even wants my creations, I would be happy to give/make/convert things for his cute little race


I would loooooove to add them. :slight_smile: Do you think that bonnet fits an herbalist or a farmer more?


Soooo I’ve had another issue crop up. I’m not getting any new 'Neers after the start of a new day. The prompt isn’t even coming up.


Someone didn’t read the intro text :wink: It’s not a bug


Derp. My bad xD I’ll keep an eye out next time, lol


Np, I actually had to make the spawning mechanic a bit easier :slight_smile: so that’ll be in the next patch


î think the flowerhad would be perfekt for the herbalist ^^ and dont forget to add the new matrix hat for the outfit and make an entry for transparent false ^^


Ahaha, well, unfortunately, it seems my computer decided to save them incorrrectly, so I had to remake them. May be slightly different than my fan art ones above, but I did my best in the recreation!

Bright side, it also means they’re no longer bald under the hat!
Down side, I’ve been sick to my stomach all day today (case of bad pasta, thanks to my roommate, who is also suffering), so I only managed to recreate one so far:

Bastioneers_Ladypotnet.qb (357.0 KB)

Dunno how much of a discrepancy there is between the female and male models, but I am working under the presumption I need to remake it for the guys


I was planning on it being female-only, and having the males keep the straw hat :slight_smile: Buuuut one issue is that not every Neer is purple colored :frowning: would you want to change it knowing that or should I attempt to modify it?


Well, I used one of your female hair files as a reference, and had no idea what the base hair colour is these days; so feel free to alter the colour to best suit your needs!


Did you want the teddy bear costume as well? That one seems a bit silly for any practical use :stuck_out_tongue: