[Mod] (A20) The Bastioneers! More Dangerous (and Mod-Friendly) Than Ever! Help me test for A20!


Yes sure! :slight_smile:


An update has been pushed! :slight_smile: Includes more wall patterns, easier scaling, and more early defense


Updated to A17! Sorry it took so long guys!


um, how do the Bastioneers eat? ive put down mushrooms but they arent growing/being harvested. EDIT: My entire bastioneer colony died of starvation :frowning:


Im sorry your 'neers have returned to the stone! :laughing:. You need to command the mushrooms to be harvested, they’re like berry bushes or wildflowers. They aren’t a “crop” if thats what you were thinking :slight_smile:


Mushrooms work exactly like bushes, you harvest them from time to time.


Thanks guys, but my bastioneers are down for the count… theyll be back someday


So did you not try that or was it a bug because harvesting didn’t work? :frowning: I agree though, the 'neers can fall to very unforgiving circumstances


I didn’t try it since ive neerver (heh) seen a bush crop thingy like this


The bushes in the normal game, silkweed, and the herbal plants all do this. How have you not noticed this? O.o


Hmm, description on the top seems to say that the UI-mod is now in the main mod, but for me the spawning of new villagers isn’t working. Somebody a good idea?


You have to use natallium :wink: Get an herbalist


I usually have a farmer to get that stuff for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Um, i found a glitch, my mason got stuck and wouldnt move from the spot, before that, a error about xpcall came up and that may have caused the issue


I havent a clue what that bug is relating to but try reloading. :frowning: It’s not a bug with my mod.


Is the spawntime of the new neer after placement of the Natalstone one day? Because mine disappeared the next day but I still had only 7 neers. But thanks for the first reply.


I can’t get new bastioneers in my village because they just eat the soft plies of stone required to make the Natal stone before I can get 2 of them…


Try getting 3 or 4 neers as idle workers and mine a vast amount of space in short time. For me it worked with connected 20x20 chambers. But you should have a Natal stone in the herbalists queue beforehand. Could you give me a reply if your placement of the natal stones worked?


Yup it worked, have 8 or the little guys now, I had to wait roughly 24 hours after placing the stone


Hmm, where did you place it? Undergound or not and the matrerial for reference?