[Mod] (A20) The Bastioneers! More Dangerous (and Mod-Friendly) Than Ever! Help me test for A20!


How long do each take approximately?


Each what, exactly? :smile:


each model :slightly_smiling:


Ooo, that really depends :joy: Some of my favorite models took ten minutes while some took an hour. Just depends on the inspiration I guess. The important thing is that I constantly iterate on them. :slightly_smiling:


Small bug.

When creating a new game with the Ascendency, I got the greetings message from your mod.


So I lowkey updated Bastioneers to properly implement hats and helmets, and I tweaked some values and the skill tree. Don’t miss this one guys! The posted bugs should also be fixed.


Yep, that new skill tree makes more sense. I was going to post about how hard it was before because we need a shepherd and it was really hard evolving him, not to mention he couldn’t feed the animals as there was no cooker to make it.

Going to check the update later.


Definitely, lol. I find now that its a lot more possible to get all jobs.

Edit: Found out head and helmet slots are different, if you have invisible heads on you hearthlings, just update


Added more variation to 'Neers and made the tweaked the UI colors in version 0.9.5!


Heyho i have found a little issue … when i have your mod installed i also get the helper scenario at ascendancy? normally this shouldnt be happen …

ahhh i see you mixin to the normal gmfiles hmmmmmm … ok rayya does this also … so not your issue more like a “bug” because normally the gm should be definite by the kingdoms :smiley:

edit: issue resolved


What version are you on? It should be fixed if you have the latest


for this i have redownload the latest github version and test it again and it still exist in the ascendancy ^^

edit: i have send you a pull request with the fix.


I think the github is older than the google drive link, even thought you told git would be most updated. At least from checking the last edited dates.


You’re right, Something must be happened on beda use a few things that I changed aren’t there


I saw this here. not sure if it is an text error or an gameplay error (don’t know how the text is created). Wasn’t able to check it ingame (my poor villiage was attacked by small stone golems and killed my blacksmith before he finish the trapper knife…).


i was playing this awesome mod with the ascendancy map and it came up with a error. i tried to copy it to the clipboard, but then i remembered i have windows 10 and do not have that app installed. i was a script error.

nevermind. i did not have the ui mod. i think that was the problem


That’s an error on my part, will be fixed in the next release!

@the_jet_779, Hmm well if you get the error again, I’d like to see it since my mod should be playable without the UI mod. Without the error I can’t really know what happened :frowning:


i understand. i will do my best to get that error report if it happens again.


also are you going to do the goblins as a playible kingdom or are you busy right now with this mod. just asking because i have always thought that would be a really cool playible kingdom. and i am 99% sure that the devs are not going add them as a playible kingdom because they are enemys in the stonehearth world.


is your new race playible in the dessert map for ryias childern race. i would like to know because i love the new dessert map and would like to know if your new race is only playible in the ascendecy map or if it can be played on other maps to. =) please let me know