[Mod] (A16) Decorative Clocks 2.0

what this adds:

Decorative Clocks adds 6 “clock faces” which can be placed on the side of your buildings to add that finishing touch to your clock towers.

Note: the clock faces do not actually work and/or tell the time, they are purely decorative

known issues

  • none yet!

planned features

  • metal clock faces (maybe)
  • grandfather clock (maybe)
  • wall clock (maybe)

V2.0 download:

also on PraiseDB,


and on Stonehearthmods,

waiting for it to be published


Stone Clock Faces

Wood Clock Faces

this mod was made at @Geokhan’s request. it was a pretty fun little project that definitely could be expanded, however for the next while i’ll probably be pretty busy and unable to work on any mods…

i hope you like it, and if you run into any problems please report them here in my thread!


Sweet! Was the first to download from Praise

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Very nice! But no classic white face, black hands and numbers design?


totally forgot about that, been really distracted/busy as of late and since @Geokhan asked for wood/stone clock faces i didn’t even think to add the “classic” version… :sweat:

i’ll see about adding that in soon, but it depends on how the rest of my week goes…


I know that feeling. Just finished student grading, and still one more research paper before summer…


I understand, I finally got our base back up to a three day water reserve and someone left a shower running during a water trailer swap and we lost 600 gallons


whats new

  • added in “classic clock faces”

known issues

  • none!

16 days later i finally got around to adding in the “classic” clock faces… they’re crafted by the mason. :slight_smile:

from my quick testing everything seemed to be fine, but if you find any problems with the mod please report them here in my thread!