Missing features

As some of you know I have been playing Stonehearth for a few month but there is something that I want to talk about which is missing features

I don’t know whether this has been discussed or there is a solution but I have seen enough players (including me) experiencing this issue to concern me

  1. As you can see we can see what the Hearthlings are talking about but for me it is the silent apocalypse

  2. I am not sure about this but usually you suppose to have already some saved building template but I don’t

I know these are minor issues but It saves a lot of time with these features (especially the building template feature)

  1. I didn’t know hearthlings could talk. Are you sure that’s not from an old or upcoming build?

  2. Do you have anything in …steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates

well for me in alpha 10 unstable i noticed that the talking is gone, might be possible that it wasnt even present in alpha 9, im not certain but i do know it was once a feature.

The hearthling comments were removed, at least temporarily… I don’t miss them because they were always too small for me to bother reading! They also obstructed the mouse, I believe (I might have posted on this months ago - when you’re drawing out a zone and the GUI is in the way of the mouse, the zone stops being pulled)

Maybe they’ll be back in the next build

Regarding your building templates, do you mean having more than just the 4 included templates? I had saved a few buildings in the past and they’re still coming up.

Steam apps? I got the game from humble bundle…

Usually when you get the game you start off the with 4 building templates but I never got the templates

had this the first time i downloaded from HumbleBundle but after a reinstall they were there.

The “…\Stonehearth\saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates” should still be correct.

Like 8bitCrab said, reinstalling it would probably fix it. But it would probably be faster to just download the templates and add them to that folder.

I put them here if you want them: Dropbox - Templates

So are we just ignoring that between the interface and the fact the town chat is there, that this is alpha 8 or older?

As mentioned the Town chat hasn’t been around for a few alpha’s or at least 2.

You can still see what all your hearthlings are saying in the journal though

To be honest the chat kinda annoyed me, So having it in the journal is a good thing at least to me :blush:


except for the fact that the journal just records the praises and gripes not the everyday chatter…


You are right like usual haha Sorry, don’t know how I missed that, forgot how they used to complain about chopping tree’s and such. :wink:


i dont think anyone has said that about me before… or were you being sarcastic and i chose to ignore it…


I wasn’t being sarcastic, You just always correct me haha. Although now you mention it, It does sound sarcastic… :cop:

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haha, i never noticed that…maybe your just always wrong :wink:

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Just on weekends, Week days I’m right! :wink:

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