Mining stopped by building above

Hello there,

as the topic describes I started to build a custom made storage barn where a mining strip was laid out beneath it. When my workers carved out the bottom floor they started mining as they reached the designated mining area. As soon as the other workers built the floor (luckily noone got stuck) the created hole in the ground could not be mined out from my mine on the same heigth level. Resulting in an area which would not be mined anymore by the workers. After removing the mining zone the area couldn’t be designated as a mining zone anymore either.

I attached some pics of the time the storage barn was already finished:

Maybe the AI treats strip mining and tunnel mining as separate working areas and therefore the workers could not reach the already carved out space? idk…

It seems to me that the mine seen in the pictures would be just below the surface and would make a great cellar. In the current design it seems impossible to lay out mining areas beneath existing houses or roads. Also the building templates don’t support multiple story houses or even cellars as well. Might be a neat feature if we could add cellars or secret passages below the surface roads … :wink:


It’s a hack but you should be able to dig up the floor in the building and then dig underground. the problem is that now there is a hole that needs to be filled in. Because it’s all a hack, i didn’t bother with that.