Why it is unable to mine natural blocks just below building blocks?

It is unable to assign mine area just below the building blocks.
When I try to assign mine area to natural solid block just under the building blocks, cursor changes into red “x”. Dragging also ineffective.
However, mine first before start to build, it is able to get the status of having empty space just below the building blocks.
So, I think preventing to mine the block just under the building block is meaningless and annoying feature.
Is it intended? or a kind of bug?

I may not be understanding your issue correctly, but it may be that each “block” is a 4x4 set of tiles with a single layer of “floor/roof” tiles on top, for 5 (height) x4x4 (width/length) Mining from underneath you generally cant’ reach the “roof” tiles without a ladder directly against the tile.

Of course there’s also the problem that your house might collapse if you mine away all the support.

Thanks for a quick reply!
I meant “block” in my first writing as your “1x1x1 single tile”, not “a set of 5x4x4 tiles”.
And I know there is a possibility of floating block in the air without support if such function becomes possible, but “collapse feature” is not implemented in this game…
If there is no plan to implement “collapse feature” even in future, then this game must provide maximum degree of freedom to player. I think.


Insofar as I have been able to tell, it’s a function of “floor” voxels (blocks) requiring a block underneath them in order to place. It’s just how the code is written, and not something we can do anything about. Plus, from a sort of intuitive perspective, it makes sense to require a floor underneath your building surfaces in most circumstances.

If you’re trying to float your houses the best you can do is (I think) mine the space out, make a layer of slabs one space below where you want the house to be, build the house normally on the new layer, then delete the slab section through the console with destroy later on.

As a more official fix, it would be nice to see layers of slabs which can be treated as floor tiles, so that walls can be built off of them, without requiring actual floor tiles to be built. Lofted beach houses anyone?

dig a hole and then place a building over it, but make sure that on every side is one row of blocks to put the floor on it.