Can't mine under a road or floor

If there is a road or floor directly above the place you want to mine the mouse changes to a red x and you are not able to mine there. But mining first and building the road or floor afterwards works.

Steps to repuduce:
build a road or floor
mine one slice down
try to mine under the road

Expected Result:
I expect that mining directly under a road or floor is allowed

Actual Results:
you cant mine directly under a road or floor

Alpha 7 r 183

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@max99x This is still a thing in the latest build. Can it be looked at for a possible fix before v1.1?

Pretty sure this isn’t something we can do for 1.0, but I’ll check.

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cool. thanks! It feels like a bug, so maybe it can happen between 1.0 and 1.1?

Hey! Where are yo getting that curb option from? Is that a mod? Looks cool.

It’s the old builder, the original post is from 2014. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! Did not notice the super necro. Cool feature, too bad it’s gone.