Mining Hearthlings taking turns

Is it normal for Hearthlings to take turns mining out selected areas? I’ll have a group of four going off the mine an area, the first of them to get the the designated area will mine a few chunks then wait the others get there and mine the same amount before continuing on.

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it is indeed “normal”, as only 4 hearthlings can be mining at a time, but i do agree it looks odd and can get quite annoying…

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Which version are you playing? Release-489 should have fixed most of these problems. If not, could you post a screenshot?

I find lowering the amount of workers on one job (So make less miners, builders, so on) increases the work-load on any one hearthling, making them in turn be that bit more effective.

I’ll just fully explain what I believe the OP is talking about in my experience.

  1. A job is created, in this case a mining request.

  2. Hearthling A and B accept the task and each select a block to mine.

  3. Hearthling A gets to their task location and begins work while Hearthling B is still taking his time getting to the task location.

  4. All individual tasks but the one Hearthling B requested can be completed by Hearthling A.

It’s not just limited to mining, but to everything, mining, building, farming, etc. To fix this specific issue Hearthlings would need to be allowed to override others requests if they have no more open tasks, are closer to an already requested task, and are able to complete said task.

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